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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 October 2017

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* Amazon Key Opens the Door to In-home Deliveries >>
* Amazon’s new security camera lets you keep a close eye on package deliveries >>
* Machine learning used to surpass MELD in assessing liver disease >>

* MIT students fortify concrete by adding recycled plastic >>
* New Gene-Editing ‘Pencil’ Erases Disease-Causing Errors >>

* Honda’s Sports EV Concept puts an AI assistant in the passenger seat >>
* How artificial intelligence could help spies do their jobs >>
* Ten-year study finds loneliness and self-centeredness appear to be mutually reinforcing >>

* CRISPR, the Future of Life Science Research But Still Much to Learn >>
* Saudi Arabia will build $500 billion high tech megacity called NEOM >>
* These Are The Ethical Dilemmas We Face As AI Takes Over Our Lives >>

* Bill Gates: Polio will be eradicated this year >>
* This robot vacuum with WiFi is an excellent value >>
* Tim Cook talks iPhone X shortage >>

* Tesla, Apple and Google Scrambling for Graphite Supplies >>
* 2 meters wall of new UBC concrete withstood nearly triple the strongest quake ever recorded >>
* Giant exomoon could be Neptune to Saturn size >>

* Robot bees can now dive in and out of water using tiny combustible rockets >>
* Stream directly from your iPhone to your cochlear implant >>
* Discover how learning data science could help boost your career >>

* Space-Based Test Proves Light’s Quantum Weirdness >>
* Space travel causes genes to behave like FIREWORKS, early results from NASA’s Twin Study reveal >>
* A Start-Up Wants to Calm You Down with a Cardiac Drug You Pop Like a Mint >>

* A 300-kilometre space rock has vanished since we saw it in 1995 >>
* Space engine for Mars missions shatters thrust record >>
* Scientists create an AI that can pick out a voice in a crowd with 90% accuracy >>

* Guns getting improved sensors and targeting for anti-drone defense >>
* China details plans through 2050 – health, AI, sharing economy and more >>
* Making oxygen and fuel more efficiently on Mars with Plasmas >>

* IBM scientists say radical new ‘in-memory’ computing architecture will speed up computers by 200 times >>
* IBM in memory computing with 1 million phase change memory devices is 200 times faster than regular computing >>
* Moon by 1-Ring: The Worlds First Levitating Camera >>

* Holy Grail of intrachip microcooling 1000 watts per square centimeter achieved >>
* Salt water resistant rice can boost harvest by nearly 20 per cent >>
* DJI shows off its take on a simple ‘license plate’ reader for drones >>

* Why Human-Controlled, Force-Multiplying Robots Are the Future of Work on Earth >>
* New Graphene Sensor is Less Noisy, More Sensitive >>
* Marius Hills and a Hole in the Moon >>

* Did Tipping Point of Human Species Impact Begin With Nuclear Bomb Tests? >>
* NASA: Mars Curiosity To Resume Drilling for Signs of Microbial Life at Gale Crater Site >>
* Hisense’s 100-inch 4K Laser TV can be yours for $9,999 >>

* Probing General Relativity with Neutron Stars >>
* A Comet Favorite Whips by the Sun This Week as Scientists Watch >>
* Try these 10 awesome virtual-reality apps for Google Daydream View >>

* The Future Of Ad Agencies Might Not Be Advertising At All >>
* Microsoft ceases production of the Kinect >>
* Turn one cell type into another while skipping huge step >>

* Blue Planet II: The secrets behind the BBC One series >>
* Tracking The Cost Of Gene Therapy >>
* Mind-Reading A.I. Might Understand Our Brains Before We Do, Says Scientist >>

* Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens >>
* The headband that makes you smarter: US military reveals a bizarre device that increases learning by 40% – and it could be commonly used by 2022 >>
* Robert Scoble denies sexual misconduct claims, suggesting accusers motivated by ‘peer pressure’ >>

* Amazon Key is a new service that lets couriers unlock your front door >>
* These powerful gene-editing tools might one day treat thousands of diseases >>
* Think you can tell a human from a robot? Here are some of the smartest chatbots that have conversations >>

* The downfall of Kinect: Why Microsoft gave up on its most promising product ever >>
* This free app lets you play incredible-looking PC games on any Mac computer >>
* Rocket Lab crew invests in agritech startup, transfers ownership to the US >>

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