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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 October 2017

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* Researchers demonstrate ‘mind-reading’ brain-decoding tech >>
* Superaccurate GPS Coming to Smartphones in 2018 >>
* Making wearable MRI >>

* Off-Grid Electricity Projects Are Starved for Funds >>
* Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens >>
* After the end of the startup era >>

* Spacex Falcon Heavy should launch in the next 37 days >>
* Low Level AI specialists make $300K-500K and top names make Pro Athlete money >>
* Hololens tech used in bowel cancer surgery >>

* Paths to superfast 3D Chips >>
* Early Earth Microfossils Reveal Critical Shift from Microbes to Complex Life >>
* Netflix is raising $1.6B in debt as its content costs balloon >>

* Researchers reveal how stem cells make decisions >>
* Googles Calico Labs is rechecking and rebuilding life extension ideas from the ground up >>

* Survey: one in four IT workers are worried that their skills could become obsolete >>
* When Artificial Intelligence Meets Actual Life >>

* Facebook tests split News Feed that keeps friends front and center >>
* Cray is bringing its supercomputers to Microsoft Azure >>
* US Navy Hypervelocity projectiles tests tripled range of 5 inch guns and with superaccuracy >>

* Star Trek: Discovery Sticks to Its Strengths and Expands its Universe >>
* Earthquake-Predicting Algorithm Is the Hero We Need >>
* Is Anyone Not Switching Sides In Star Wars: The Last Jedi? >>

* The Factory Where Robots Build Robots >>
* ‘Pay with Google’ launches worldwide to speed up online checkouts on Android devices >>

* Can robots feel guilty? Answer reveals 3 parts of mental life >>
* Chronic back pain stem cell treatment could cut need for opioids >>
* Geese-like birds seem to have survived the dinosaur extinction >>

* Brain scans suggest this therapy eases alcohol cravings >>
* A world where cameras are always on may make us less human >>
* FBI Director claims the agency couldn’t access nearly 7,000 devices this year because of encryption >>

* Revealed: The secret Netflix codes you can use to unlock DOZENS of hidden movies and shows >>
* Why you should live closer to work: 20 minutes extra commuting per day is equivalent to a 19% pay cut when it comes to job satisfaction >>
* Trials begin of driverless pods that could be used alongside night buses in Cambridge >>

* Transgender fish is captured changing sex in unprecedented detail for BBC’s Blue Planet II >>
* Astrophysicist Leads a Tour of the “Zoomable Universe” >>
* E-cigarettes may cause inflammatory lung diseases: Study >>

* Xbox One is becoming compatible with 13 select original Xbox games on October 24 >>
* Bill Gates and Steve Jobs shared a surprising philosophy about tech — and it should have been a big red flag >>
* Watch this amazing time-lapse showing how ships get through the Panama Canal >>

* Cisco scoops up BroadSoft for $1.9 billion to boost communications tools portfolio >>
* NASA joins a host of nations and companies that want to go to the lunar surface >>
* CBS has renewed Star Trek: Discovery for a second season >>

* Giant robot fight organizers say next step is giant robot fighting league >>
* Why do people keep giving Magic Leap money? >>
* Nintendo’s about to debut a huge new Mario game — here’s everything we know >>

* Microsoft has had Apple’s new face-scanning feature for years, and it works great >>
* Google built a new Trojan Horse to get inside every aspect of your life >>
* China’s trillion-dollar plan for world domination >>

* Adobe’s New Video Editing Tool Looks Incredible (And A Bit Unsettling) >>
* Stress Is Making You Micromanage, Which Is Making Everything Worse >>

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