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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 October 2017

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* Dubai Airport is going to use face-scanning virtual aquariums as security checkpoints >>
* 3D ‘body-on-a-chip’ project aims to accelerate drug testing, reduce costs >>
* Half the universe’s missing matter has just been finally found >>

* Amazon looking into devices that could deliver packages in the trunk of your CAR and even inside your home >>
* Japan’s latest GPS satellite will guide self-driving cars >>
* Japanese researchers make chickens that lay egss with low cost cancer drugs >>

* Human hearts kept ‘asleep’ in a box can survive outside the body >>
* Deep-sea wind farm the size of India could provide enough renewable energy to power the ENTIRE planet >>
* Huge underground reserve of ‘life-saving’ helium in Tanzania is TWICE as big as initially predicted >>

* Scientists complete the world’s first ‘atlas of life:’ New study maps every vertebrate on Earth in effort to aid conservation >>
* Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson says he will be in space in six months >>

* Nvidia built a real Holodeck, aimed at creative collaboration >>
* Nvidia’s new Pegasus AI computer is designed to drive autonomous taxis >>
* China’s AI Awakening >>

* So-called ‘smart drug’ keeps your brain sharp and robust at high altitudes >>
* Standard Cognition gets $5M to build a machine vision-powered checkout >>
* Parents with first-born teenage girls are the most likely to separate >>

* Fingerprint test that detects someone’s gender, what they’ve eaten, or even if they’ve used a condom is ‘set for court use’ within months >>
* Anti-doping agency to ban gene editing starting in 2018 >>

* AI-based financial advisor for low-wage workers >>
* Robotic police armed with electroshock arms and facial recognition technology hit the streets of Beijing >>

* Three words: Synthetic gene circuit. Self-assembling bacteria build pressure sensor >>
* Inside Stargate Command: New Streaming Platform for ‘Stargate Origins’ >>
* 7 Big Surprises From the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer >>

* Intel Accelerates Its Quantum Computing Efforts With 17-Qubit Chip >>
* Development of a high precision thermometer for the use at around 1000 °C >>
* Bigscreen nabs $11M in funding as it looks to build the perfect virtual movie-watching app >>

* Floating Wind Turbines on the High Seas Could Produce Massive Amounts of Power >>
* GM Cruise Snaps Up Solid-State Lidar Pioneer Strobe Inc >>
* Mark Zuckerberg uses Facebook to visit Puerto Rico in VR >>

* Half of the universe’s ‘missing matter’ is finally found: Elusive particles are link pairs of galaxies through filaments of hot gas >>

* NVIDIA opens up its Holodeck VR design suite >>
* NVIDIA introduces a computer for level 5 autonomous cars >>
* Soon, you’ll be able to save tweets for later >>

* The Alien Telescope –Planets Discovered Orbiting Neutron Stars: “Life Might Exist There as Hyper-Dense Microscopic Organisms Controlled by Nuclear Forces” >>
* Emergent Gravity –“Dark Matter is a Mythical Beast, a Figment of Our Ignorance” >>

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