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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 October 2017

* Edible robots may change medical care for humans and animals >>
* Print on anything, anywhere with this portable printer >>
* Sony Aibo is reportedly returning with Amazon Echo-like features >>

* Smartphone Cameras Peek Around Corners by Analyzing Patterns of Light >>
* Building the Blockchain to End All Blockchains >>
* The Alien Telescope –“Europa’s ‘Chaos’ Might Reveal 1st Evidence of Life” >>

* SpaceX Launches 10 New Iridium Satellites, Sticks Rocket Landing >>
* How scaremongering stops us asking the right questions about AI >>

* Energy flow is reversed in a quantum system by mere observation >>
* Solar cars race into Australian outback >>
* Is artificial intelligence going off the rails? >>

* Memristor-Driven Analog Compute Engine Would Use Chaos to Compute Efficiently >>
* Anti-drone weapons – Lasers and shotgun shells with nets >>
* Missing half of all normal matter in the universe found as hot gas links galaxies >>

* Is living forever going to suck? We might be too sick to enjoy our extended lifespans. >>
* Wireless 5G networks will be deployed in 2019 >>
* Good news! We’re probably not living in a computer simulation. >>

* How to shoot the best video on your smartphone >>
* GM’s Cruise buys LIDAR company to drastically cut self-driving costs >>
* FDA Approves Sleep Apnea Implant Treatment >>

* These edible wrappers could help keep plastic out of the ocean >>
* Artificial intelligence for your blind spot >>

* The SF Projector –The ‘Three-Body Problem’ China’s Hard Science-Fiction Phenomenon: >>
* Sony’s first robot in years will be an Aibo sequel >>

* SpaceX’s Mars Vision Puts Pressure on NASA’s Manned Exploration Programs >>
* Universal Brain Activation Discovered When Reading Stories >>
* Google created a fun way to learn about simple AI >>

* Gm Buys A Lidar Startup That Could Deliver Its Self-driving Future >>
* Fuel Cell-Powered SURUS is a Modular, Autonomous Vehicle Built for Work >>

* Ping Pong-Playing Bot Can Serve, Smash >>
* Converging big data, AI, and business intelligence >>
* Enterprises are the natural environment for AI deployments >>

* Meet The X-ray Visionary Looking For Signs Of Life On Mars >>
* New model augments visual recognition to help AI identify unfamiliar objects >>
* SpaceX successfully launches 14th Falcon 9 rocket in 2017 >>

* Stern little Stormtrooper robot uses AR and facial recognition >>
* Put Humans at the Center of AI >>
* Scientists create ‘tooth cracker’ device to harvest stem cells >>

* Microsoft Develops New Programming Language For Quantum Computers >>
* Toward an Imagination Science >>

* Humans will be BANNED from driving cars within the next 25 years as ‘safer’ autonomous vehicles hit the road, expert claims >>
* How treating dirt well could fight climate change >>
* Air New Zealand starts Wi-Fi trial on some international flights >>

* Scientist Find Treasure Trove Of Giant Black Hole Pairs >>
* RED’s new $80,000 8K camera is probably a very good camera >>

* Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Where to Watch The New Trailer >>
* Watch the first trailer for The X-Files’ 11th season >>

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