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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 October 2017

* Magnetic Shield against massive solar flares >>
* Project Loon cleared to help restore wireless in Puerto Rico >>
* Elon Musk could help rebuild Puerto Rico with solar-powered electricity grid >>

* Researchers create a fast-sealing surgical ‘glue’ for closing wounds >>
* Neuromation Critical part of AI ecosystem >>
* Teleoperating robots with virtual reality: getting inside a robot’s head >>

* Could StarTram Revolutionize Space Travel? >>
* What’s in a Name? SpaceX’s ‘BFR’ Mars Rocket Acronym Explained >>
* Vp Mike Pence Lays Out Administration’s Plan To Go Back To The Moon >>

* Google Compute Engine goes a little crazy with up to 96 CPU cores and 624 GB of memory >>
* Mattel has an AI device to soothe babies, experts are begging the company not to sell it >>
* Mattel Pulls Aristotle Children’s Device After Privacy Concerns >>

* Tabletop gadget can measure the calories on your plate in 10 seconds flat >>
* Germans are doing deep scans of ancient instruments to uncover their secrets >>
* Tim O’Reilly: Don’t Fear AI, Fear Ourselves >>

* The Seven Deadly Sins of AI Predictions >>
* This ICO for an AI blockchain is the most tech-hype idea of the year >>
* The most precise atomic clock ever made is a cube of quantum gas >>

* Study finds diameter of proton at 0.83 femtometers >>
* Will the Future of AI Learning Depend More on Nature or Nurture? >>

* Moon once had an atmosphere: Nasa study >>
* Google’s New ‘Pixel Buds’ Translate 40 Languages in Real Time >>
* Bitcoin Transactions Lead To Arrest of Major Drug Dealer >>

* GM Exec Says Elon Musk’s Self-Driving Car Claims Are ‘Full of Crap’ >>
* ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ public betas are available this weekend >>
* Info From 15 Million Breached Kickstarter And Bitly Accounts Is Now Publicly Available >>

* ISS crew’s 360-degree video is the closest you’ll get to space >>
* Scientists Race To Create Synthetic Blood in the Wake of Mass Tragedies >>
* New Scientist Live 2017 >>

* We cant ever know whether or not our universe is a simulation >>
* Mysterious great white sharks are swimming deeper and farther than ever before in the search for food >>

* Modern Europeans have TWICE as much DNA from ancient cousins >>
* When We Fly to Mars, Microbes Will, Too >>
* The cost of letting a computer sort our online news >>

* How Robots Are Changing the Way You See a Doctor >>
* Spacex is aiming for two rocket landings in 48 hours this weekend >>
* With Smartphones and social media everyone is distracted all the time >>

* LPP fusion claims to have achieved nuclear fusion confinement record of 200 kiloelectron volts >>
* Progressing to Solid-State Lithium Batteries >>
* Robots taking half of our jobs within 20 years claim is ludicrous according to Rodney Brooks >>

* Amazon testing delivery service to reach beyond the warehouse >>
* Adding Wrinkles to Graphene Just Got Easier >>
* Video Friday: MIT Origami Robots, Sphero Mini, and Headless Robotic Cat >>

* People with OCD know what to do, they just have trouble doing it >>
* Got A Panel Job Interview Coming Up? Here’s What You Should Avoid >>
* This smart bandage releases meds on command for better healing >>

* Our minds can be hijacked: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia >>
* The Universe Began With a Big Melt, Not a Big Bang >>

* Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer gets debut on Monday Night Football >>
* Netflix price hike probably not the last for cord cutters >>
* A Next Generation Veteran Helps The Orville Fly >>

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