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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 October 2017

* Hover cars aren’t as far off as you think—meet the Renault Float concept >>
* Watch the First-Ever 360-Degree Video of a Spacewalk! >>
* Report: Waymo to Announce True Robocar Service >>

* Boeing is buying the company that is helping Uber develop flying taxis >>
* Airbus is working on a self-flying taxi, and the prototype could fly as early as 2018 >>
* An Edible Actuator for Ingestible Robots >>

* Microsoft is bringing its Edge browser to Android and iOS >>
* Method quickly probes atom-thin materials’ ability to produce hydrogen >>
* Scientists find there is something universal about what occurs in the brain when it processes stories >>

* This headless robotic cat pillow will wag its way into your heart >>
* Is ice cream for breakfast the antidote to adult stress? >>
* Amazon is launching a FedEx competitor to make more available for two-day delivery >>

* New technology uses mouth gestures to interact in virtual reality >>
* Researchers get straight to the heart of piezoelectric tissues >>
* Neandertal genome reveals greater legacy in the living >>

* Uber can actually help prevent drunk driving accidents—in some cities >>
* Scientists enlist supercomputers, machine learning to automatically identify brain tumors >>
* Adidas will finally start selling shoes made by its robot factory >>

* Novel PET tracer identifies most bacterial infections >>
* Samsung’s huge 49-inch gaming monitor is an ultrawide dream >>
* NASA’s inflatable ISS habitat could stay in space until 2020 >>

* World’s first solar-powered, indoor vertical farm sprouts in Philadelphia >>
* YouTube reportedly alters search algorithm after Las Vegas shooting >>
* Google’s AR ambitions push VR to the back seat >>

* Learning technologies could reduce automation’s economic threat >>
* Rice University Adds Asphalt To Speed Lithium Metal Battery Charging By 20 Times >>
* Scientists develop ‘body-on- a-chip’ system to accelerate testing of new drugs >>

* Can Google’s AI-powered Clips make people care about lifelogging? >>
* Star Wars R2-Q5 robot is the evil R2-D2 you always wanted >>
* Hily dating app uses AI and identification to improve safety and potential matches >>

* We’re going to moon and MARS pledges Pence after first meeting of National Space Council >>
* Hypersonic missiles could spark World War 3 if powerful nations become ‘trigger happy’, experts warn >>
* Nuclear and present danger >>

* Netflix under fire as it raises US prices by 10% to $11 per month >>
* Do YOU look like a politician, porn star or golfer? Algorithm reveals the ‘average face’ of people in different professions >>
* How cells start the process of healing wounds >>

* Artificial Intelligence And The Automation Of The Workforce Worries Americans In Latest Study >>
* New cars are being crammed with distracting tech that takes drivers’ eyes off the road >>
* Efinix’s Programmable Chips Could Push AI Out to the Edges >>

* US announces returning to the moon as a top priority >>
* Satellite Radar “Sees” Invisible Changes in Groundwater Levels >>
* Waymo to launch commercial driverless car ride sharing service this fall >>

* Fast-moving spinning magnetized nanoparticles could lead to ultra-high-speed, high-density data storage >>
* Light-Activated Nanoparticles Help Fight Drug-Resistant Superbugs >>
* Why the Biggest Bitcoin Mines Are in China >>

* This AI can tell true hate speech from harmless banter >>
* Improve your posture by sitting on a ZGUP cushion >>

* Watch the trailer for Hulu’s original sci-fi comedy ‘Future Man’ >>
* Two Days, Two Different Honors IBM’s Zurich Lab >>
* Mattel’s New Baby Monitor Uses AI To Soothe Babies and Lawmakers Aren’t Happy About It >>

* Algorithms are screwing us over with fake news but could also fix the problem >>
* Investigators are using AI to find who betrayed Anne Frank >>
* How Zunum Aero’s hybrid-electric planes aim to transform flight starting in 2022 >>
* This startup may have finally solved the problem of bad WiFi >>

* Google’s Pixel Buds translation will change the world >>
* “Indicator of Extraterrestrial Life?” –ALMA Observatory Discovery Update >>

* NASA Lab Gets Space Radiation Upgrade for Mars Mission Research >>
* Gravitational- Wave Announcement Coming on Oct. 16: What Could It Be? >>

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