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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 October 2017

* Behold The Pixel 2, Google’s New Flagship Android Phone >>
* MICROBES could be biggest threat to astronauts on mission to Mars >>
* Gene defect fixed in cloned embryos, heralds future of gene fixes, enhancement >>

* Google’s new ear buds offer real-time translation >>
* Link between brain connections and cleverness in bees could shed light on differences in human intelligence >>

* Gravitational wave detectors could unlock dark matter mystery >>
* Sundar Pichai Says The Future Of Google Is Ai. But Can He Fix The Algorithm? >>

* Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded for 3D Views of Biological Molecules >>
* The ultimate planter for clueless gardeners: £150 app-connected gadget waters your plants and lets you know when it needs help >>
* Human Legacies When Robots Rule the Earth >>

* A super chill microscopy method just nabbed a Nobel prize >>
* Let’s watch Google announce the Pixel 2, the Home Mini, and other stuff >>
* How Gunsplaining Could Lead To Better Gun Laws >>

* Fukushima’s Radioactive Waste Is Leaking From An Unexpected Source >>
* Google and Facebook Failed Us >>
* Determining The Mass Of The Milky Way Using Hypervelocity Stars >>

* What Sparked the Big Bang? –The Black Hole at the Beginning of the Universe >>
* Nobel Prize Win Helps Launch New Era of Gravitational Astronomy >>
* Sputnik Turns 60: Astronaut Leroy Chiao Celebrates 1st Satellite >>

* LIGO’s Kip Thorne ‘Peers Into the Dark Side of the Universe >>
* NASA’s Predawn Rocket Launch Will Test a Supersonic Parachute >>
* Carbon Nanotubes Bring Background Noise to Computation >>

* SpiderMAV Drone Shoots Webs for Perching and Stabilization >>
* Tech Breakthrough Will Save The Electric Car Market >>
* Optical mining of Asteroids >>

* General Atomics get advanced electromechnical tech for railgun weapon system >>
* Researchers create absolute intelligence score to compare AI and AI and humans >>
* Silicon Valley Jobs Are a Good Deal for Engineers, Even with The High Cost of Living >>

* Rice University adds a bit of asphalt to speed lithium metal battery charging by 20 times >>
* New transistor design enables flexible, high-performance wearable/mobile electronics >>

* A step closer to driverless flying taxis? CityAirbus propulsion system is fired up for the first time ahead of its maiden flight next year >>
* DeepMind now has an AI ethics research unit. We have a few questions for it… >>

* Networked self-driving cars are smarter and safer >>
* Honda’s new disaster robot is designed to search through crumbled buildings >>
* Google’s $399 Home Max smart speaker focuses on audio quality >>

* Bio printing: From a DIY revolution to patients >>
* Google Assistant now has a male voice option >>

* New tech can reverse ageing in human cells >>
* New colour-changing sensor can identify different alcohols >>
* Human antibodies produced in lab for first time >>

* Assassin’s Creed Origins finds new life in a new setting >>
* Self-driving taxis are coming to residential neighborhoods >>
* The Google Clips Camera Puts Ai Behind The Lens >>

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