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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 October 2017

* Evidence Missing for Actual Age of the Universe –Center for Astrophysics >>
* Stratolaunch has successful tests and moves to 2020 commercial launch >>
* Oracle adds AI development service to platform offerings >>

* We’re Not Living in a Computer Simulation, New Research Shows >>
* Universe cannot be simulated by using any algorithm or computer imaginable by certain physicists >>
* Three scientists win Nobel Prize for discovering genes that regulate the body’s clock >>

* Uber launching shopping mall lounges and pickup/dropoff points with Westfield >>
* GM will have 20 electric car models on the road by 2023 >>
* Research: For Better Brainstorming, Tell an Embarrassing Story >>

* ‘New “DeUHD” Tool Can Rip UHD Blu-Ray Discs’ >>
* Larry Ellison pokes AWS while unveiling intelligent database service at Oracle OpenWorld keynote >>
* Chinese Scientists Fix Genetic Disorder in Cloned Human Embryos >>

* Blue Origin Engineer Talks Next Steps for New Shepard, New Glenn >>
* Thirty Meter Telescope Gets Green Light to Resume Construction in Hawaii >>
* US and China stealth fighters would attack bases, refueling planes >>

* Phone-powered Ai Spots Sick Plants With Remarkable Accuracy >>
* Russian Defense Company Demos A One-Person Flying Car >>
* Smart tattoos turn your skin into a health tracker >>

* Download this: Holo’s AR app puts ‘holograms’ into the world around you >>
* Dolphins that work with humans to catch fish have unique accent >>
* Batteries made with asphalt can charge in 5 minutes >>

* Nanoparticles improve fight against breast cancer in bone >>
* Known Unknowns: The Dangers of North Korea’s H-Bomb Threat >>
* Life extension may prove to be a double-edged sword >>

* End for the TV remote? Gesture control system lets users change channels with a wave of their hand >>
* How Did Marriage Become a Mark of Privilege? >>
* Amazon’s quest to become the next Apple >>

* Las Vegas shooting: Moment police burst into gunman’s room >>
* Las Vegas Massacre Is Worst Mass Shooting In U.S. History: Here Are The Others >>
* Cow farts are an even bigger problem than we thought >>

* Elon Musk’s Mars project is the ultimate symbol of our throwaway culture >>
* The Future of War: A History by Lawrence Freedman – review >>
* Trump told his staffers to portray him as ‘crazy’ to get more out of negotiations with South Korea >>

* Molecular robot builds four types of molecules >>
* The age of dignity >>
* Brain-controlled drones are here: What’s coming in the next five years? >>
* Without billions more, California will never have any complete and operating High Speed rail >>

* Journey to a Strange Metal World –NASA Testing Propulsion System For Deep-Space Mission >>
* Ancient Mars May Have Thawed Through Methane Bursts >>
* Putting Students First >>

* Blockchain Lingo >>
* Roku puts 4K streaming video on a stick for $70 >>
* MIT’s remote control robot system puts VR to work >>

* An MLB team is using iOS 11’s NFC feature for contactless stadium entry >>
* DJI’s drones get an offline privacy mode following army concerns over cyber vulnerabilities >>
* DribbleUp’s ‘smart’ soccer ball helps you train with an app >>

* Samsung could make more money from the iPhone X than its own phones >>
* This smart keychain tracks your keys so you don’t have to >>
* General Motors Is Going All Electric >>

* Fast-moving magnetic particles could enable new form of data storage >>
* Inside the Most Exclusive High-Powered Rocketry Event in America >>
* How Microsoft Built The World’s Most Powerful Game Console >>

* Roku rolls out Roku OS 8, refreshes TV hardware with 4K and faster processors >>
* US will spend $170 million to stockpile drugs used to treat the Ebola virus >>
* Insta360 Pro Review: The 8K 360 Camera The VR Industry Needs >>

* HTC Announces Fallout 4 VR Pre-Order Bundle For All New Vives >>
* For Once, Microsoft Got The Jump On Google and Apple with HoloLens — Will It Last? >>

* ROSCon 2017 >>
* Robot World 2017 >>
* Conference on Human & Robotic Interaction 2018 >>

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