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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 29 September 2017

* NASA is teaming up with Russia to put a new space station near the moon. Here’s why. >>
* For $70, This AI Job Platform Promises It Can Land You An Interview In 60 Days >>
* DARPA making AI to explain why >>

* Elon Musk is unveiling a new plan for conquering Mars with SpaceX — watch his talk live online tonight >>
* Airports Worldwide Are Hit by Delays After Software Outage >>
* Google Play matches Apple’s $20 price for select 4K titles >>

* Robot dentist completes dental surgery with no human help >>
* Google Assistant turns Nvidia Shield TV into a hands-free smart device >>
* The AI Voices In Its Head Told Coca-Cola To Make Sprite Cherry >>

* How Chip Design Can Teach Us to Build Better Hospitals >>
* Human vs. deep-neural-network performance in object recognition >>

* High-tech 3D model captures live heart attack >>
* Gene editing could make wheat safe for celiac sufferers >>
* Scientists record a fourth set of gravitational waves >>

* Laser Weapons Not Yet Ready for Missile Defense >>
* UAE will make simulated domed Mars city on Earth >>
* Three Advances Make Magnetic Tape More Than a Memory >>

* US military working on constant connections and updates between all ships, planes and vehicles >>
* China orders North Korean companies to get out by January >>
* No one wants another H-bomb test in the Pacific >>

* The age of machine learning >>
* Facebook helps blood donation go viral >>
* A Fourth Gravitational Wave Has Been Detected >>

* Flying and rolling drone will map underground mines on its own >>
* Bed bugs like the smell of your dirty laundry >>
* Keep your floors clean with the help of this fluffy robotic duster >>

* Entire Island Evacuates as Volcano Threatens to Blow >>
* Depression and anxiety can cost you retirement savings >>
* Hugh Hefner, Between the Headlines >>

* Air Force may soon start combat-testing new aircraft that could fight alongside the A-10 >>
* IBM Now Has More Employees in India Than in the U.S. >>
* Melinda Gates: Corporate America must stop demanding we all be workaholics >>

* Moon village the first stop to Mars: ESA >>
* Russia Says They’ll Be Pitching In On The Deep Space Gateway >>

* Musk new Mars Plan in 12 hours will be far less than $10 billion >>
* New Study Provides Explanation For Pluto’s Giant Blades Of Ice >>
* Leaving No One Behind By Bill Gates >>

* Key for the world economy is the level of China growth >>
* China is making it harder to produce fossil fuel cars >>
* Toyota and Mazda are making a new company to develop electric cars >>

* Moscow’s facial recognition CCTV network is the biggest example of surveillance society yet >>
* Amazon’s $5 billion headquarters battle has neighbourhoods across New York all fired up >>

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