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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 September 2017

* Pattern ripples in space-time created by collision of black holes, gravitational wave breakthrough >>
* AI vs Doctors >>
* Scientists Tell What Would Happen If North Korea Detonated Hydrogen Bomb Underwater >>

* The company that makes AK-47s just built a working hoverbike >>
* Google unwraps 19 past Doodle games for its 19th birthday >>

* Researchers uncover our brain’s filing system for storing experiences >>
* Light-based cancer therapy moves through clinical trials >>
* Gene Therapy and Drug Combination Reverses MS in Mice >>

* Firewalls Don’t Stop Hackers. Ai Might. >>
* Check out the United Arab Emirates’ plans for building a Martian city—on Earth >>
* BMW will add Amazon’s Alexa into new cars in 2018 >>

* Personal thermostat startup heats up for commercialization >>
* Game changing fuel cell breakthrough could revolutionise everything from phones to cars >>
* NZ researchers to revolutionise sports games >>

* Apple reveals how its controversial Face ID system works >>
* This molecule stores our long-term memories >>
* Boeing launches $2 million competition to build the world’s first commercial personal flying machine >>

* No pilot needed for this autonomous air taxi >>
* EasyJet could be flying battery-powered electric planes within the next 10 years >>
* Nasa’s mission to ‘touch the Sun’ >>

* Amazon just launched a $35 box that turns your Echo into a landline phone >>
* The final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ is going to cost HBO $15 million per episode >>
* Satya Nadella on Women in Tech, A.I. and E-Sports >>

* New Gravitational Wave Detection From Colliding Black Holes >>
* Synthetic DNA coverts stem cells to heart muscle is potential tissue regeneration treatment >>
* Graphene forged into three-dimensional shapes like a Pyramid >>

* Dyson will spend about $3 billion to make solid state battery electric car by 2020 >>
* Life-Size Humanoid Robot Is Designed to Fall Over (and Over and Over) >>
* Boeing sponsors $2 million jetpack competition with October 2019 fly off >>

* Delta adds free messaging to its WiFi-enabled flights >>
* Amazon’s Alexa will live in a talking fish >>
* How She Works: One Director of Design’s job is to look into the future >>

* Luminar’s game-changing LiDAR makes its way to TRI’s self-driving car >>
* Toyota Research Institute debuts its next-generation automated driving platform >>
* Ford becomes the latest automotive giant to work with Lyft on self-driving cars >>
* Toyota And A Boy Wonder Team Up On Self-driving Cars >>
* Ford and Lyft’s new self-driving partnership likely to be a standard model >>

* Oh … Snap! Teens are coding the future >>
* Can the world’s megacities survive the digital age? >>
* Surreal wants to be the one-stop shop for 3D virtual objects >>

* Russia and the US will work together to build a moon base >>
* UVify’s zippy little Draco racing drone is now shipping >>
* Researchers Claim They Just Invented The “Ultimate” Method for Quantum Computing >>

* Carl Zimmer explains how the revolutionary new genome editing tool CRISPR works >>
* Sergey Brin hid this brilliant life goal in his resume 2 years before he cofounded Google >>

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