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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 September 2017

* Intel’s New Chip Design Takes Pointers From Your Brain >>
* Neuroscientists restore vegetative-state patient’s consciousness with nerve stimulation >>
* New type of supercomputer could be based on ‘magic dust’ combination of light and matter >>

* Satya Nadella’s Guide to the Future, By Bill Gates >>
* Australia to Establish National Space Agency >>
* How NASA Satellites Are Helping to Halt Malaria Outbreaks >>

* DARPA developing cheap underwing drone to extend missile range >>
* Storing Light Waves as Sound for Energy-Saving Acoustic Memory >>
* With the D3000, China enters the robotic warship arms race >>

* YouTube’s new ad tech automatically personalizes ads, can now target using Google Maps, app install data >>
* macOS High Sierra is available to download >>
* Comcast cable service goes box-free on LG TVs in early 2018 >>

* Microsoft plans to own quantum computing like it owns Windows PCs >>
* Use Steam to Stream Your Desktop Instead of Your Games >>

* Mobile hardware lab Nanoport gets $7 million in seed funding >>
* Microsoft’s all-in-one 365 subscription is available for schools >>
* Microsoft unveils its next-generation AI developer tools >>

* Google Maps and Lyft could soon be a lot more accurate >>
* British Airways pushes planes with remote-controlled vehicle >>
* Australia will establish its own space agency >>

* In-flight Netflix will be available on more airlines in 2018 >>
* Microsoft CEO Nadella’s ‘Hit Refresh’: Is a cultural revolution enough to refresh Microsoft? >>
* If Data Is the New Oil, Are Tech Companies Robbing Us Blind? >>

* Microsoft places its bets on quantum computing >>
* Dubai joins the race to become the first city with SELF-FLYING TAXIS >>
* Secret Service is not prepared for threats from swarming drones, 3-D printed guns >>

* SMILE when you go for the flu jab – it will give you better protection >>
* Asteroid impacts 4 billion years ago transformed the Earth’s crust and helped create its tectonic plates >>
* Will North Korea Sell Its Nuclear Technology? >>

* A New Push for the Male “Pill” >>
* Big Bang Theory’ Season 11 Premiere: Will Amy Accept Sheldon’s Proposal? Another Baby Bombshell Unveiled, Too >>
* Nasa Sends Spacecraft Asteroid-hunting To Gather Information >>

* Artificial intelligence could be a $14 billion industry by 2023 >>
* Netflix is plunging as competition in streaming video heats up >>
* Gillmor Gang: Gas Table >>

* China touts vaporware robotic military ship >>
* Japanese researchers work out theoretical universal quantum computer that could scale to millions of qubits >>
* Plan and Act in case AI or something else kills your job >>

* Last week in tech: It’s Stardate 2017 >>
* A warming Arctic can actually make our winters colder >>
* A 14th-century plague helped reveal just how long humans have polluted the planet >>

* A man regained consciousness after 15 years in a vegetative state. But what does that really mean? >>
* Biomedical engineers connecting a human brain to the internet in real time >>

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