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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25b September 2017

* Radical single-stage ‘aerospike’ rocket that could revolutionise satellite launches is ready >>
* NASA tests supersonic prototype that could cut travel time from London to New York in half >>
* Strange fast radio bursts that could be ‘signals from aliens’ are firing off every second in the universe >>

* Robots learn to walk naturally by understanding their bodies >>
* NASA reveals the final images Cassini took before it plunged into Saturn >>
* Scientists will send messages to search for aliens NEXT YEAR >>

* AI could put a stop to electricity theft and meter misreadings >>
* AI reads the news to keep tabs on US police shootings >>
* New type of washable solar cell developed >>

* Alarm as ‘super malaria’ spreads in South East Asia >>
* Babies as young as 15 month-old learn perseverance from adult role models who fail but keep trying >>

* Amazon is working on Alexa-enabled ‘smart glasses’ to take on Siri and Google Assistant, claims report >>
* Lifeboat crews in Norfolk are trialling DRONES in sea search and rescue operations in a world first >>

* Anti-counterfeiting breakthrough after scientists discover printing method that creates two ultra-high resolution images on the same space >>
* Synthetic muscle that lifts 1,000 TIMES its own weight could lead to super-strong humanoid robots >>

* The first global map of water in the moon’s soil >>
* New AI can ‘clone’ the basic software that brings a video game to life after watching the original for just TWO MINUTES >>
* Forget texting while driving: Life-saving AI knows when you’re distracted behind the wheel >>

* 3D PRINTER: World-first surgery allows patient, 27, to walk again – after the bones in his leg ‘rotted away’ >>
* Scientists Closing in on the Dawn of Plate Tectonics >>
* 100 Years after the Lethal 1918 Flu Pandemic, We Are Still Vulnerable >>

* 3D-printed alloys could lead to lighter planes that fly further >>
* New Zealand’s iconic kiwi birds may be losing their sight >>
* There are hardly any old fish left in the ocean – and that’s bad >>

* Ultra-thin craft may wrap and destroy space junk >>
* Robots have already taken over our work, but they’re made of flesh and bone >>
* Nvidia’s artificial intelligence is breaking into the industrial sector >>

* Facebook and Amazon are so big they’re creating their own company towns — here’s the 200-year history >>
* Scientists have discovered a potentially suicidal problem with going to Mars >>
* Scientists created cotton that naturally glows in the dark without using genetic engineering >>

* The Navy is working on a new Tomahawk missile that can hit moving targets >>
* Brain cancer growth halted by absence of protein, study finds >>
* Synthetic muscle that can lift 1,000 times its own weight >>

* World’s first ‘molecular robot’ capable of building molecules >>
* AI Reshaping Fab Operations >>
* AI Chip Rides Novel Networks >>

* Engineers Have Found a Way to 3D Print Super Strong Aluminum >>
* Ray Kurzweil Explains Why Technology Won’t Eliminate Human Jobs >>
* Hubble Spots Unique Object In The Main Asteroid Belt >>

* Television with built-in Fire TV makes better use of your voice >>
* 68 Things You Cannot Say on China’s Internet >>
* Governments Are Testing Their Own Cryptocurrencies >>

* Boeing Planes Could Fire Lasers From Their Noses To Spot Turbulence >>
* Geneticists Trace An Australian Migration With Aboriginal Artifacts >>
* The Most Impactful New Iphone Feature May Be The Most Boring >>

* Apple’s Faceid Could Be A Powerful Tool For Mass Spying >>
* Can scientists predict extreme events before they happen? >>

* Apple and others have failed to revolutionise TV, so I went back to cable instead >>
* What it’s like riding Apple’s spinning glass elevator in Steve Jobs Theatre >>
* Facebook is dropping $35 million to lease a beautiful, earthquake-resistant skyscraper in San Francisco >>

* Internet of Everything — US$12.6 trillion ROI expected over the next decade >>
* There’s a new kind of computer coming — and the mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen won’t be enough to use it >>

* Everything coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now in October >>
* New trailers: Marvel’s The Punisher, Wes Anderson’s stop-motion dogs, and more >>
* Star Trek: Discovery boldly goes where no Star Trek show has gone before >>
* Watch Star Trek: Discovery’s fantastic main title sequence >>
* With Star Trek: Discovery, Cbs Discovers That Tv Ain’t Easy Anymore >>

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