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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 September 2017

First post holiday catchup…

* Nanosatellite Beams Smartphone Voice Call for First Time >>
* Walking DNA nanorobot could deliver a drug to a precise location in your body >>
* A Brain Built From Atomic Switches Can Learn >>

* Robot security guard maker Knightscope shows off new multi-terrain model >>
* Shasta Ventures launches a fund to accelerate AR and VR app development >>
* Ai Research Is In Desperate Need Of An Ethical Watchdog >>

* Proposed Hyperloop Route Between Toronto And Montreal! >>
* This Week’s “Planet Earth” Report –How a Hydrogen Bomb Would Affect the Pacific to Supernova 30-Light Years Away >>
* Scientists Urge Europe To Stick With “armageddon”-style Asteroid Mission >>

* Inferno Alien World With Titanium Skies –ESO’s Very Large Telescope Detects Extreme Exoplanet >>
* The X-Games of Astronomy, Scientists Close to Actual Pictures of Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole >>

* Higher power and high density nuclear electric for space missions >>
* In 5-10 years Branecraft can be mass produce for missions all around the solar system >>
* Artificial ‘skin’ gives robotic hand a sense of touch >>

* A battery-free origami robot powered and controlled by external magnetic fields >>
* International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems >>

* For the First Time, Signal Transfer Between Molecules Has Been Achieved >>
* Carbon Nanotube Thread Could Generate Electricity From The Bloodstream >>
* Lidar-Equipped Autonomous Wheelchairs Roll Out in Singapore and Japan >>

* Superaccurate GPS Chips Coming to Smartphones in 2018 >>
* Kymeta’s flat antenna will enable the broadband connected cars >>
* Scientists remove one of the final barriers to making lifelike robots >>

* Inception Drive: A Compact, Infinitely Variable Transmission for Robotics >>
* Tiny Laser Device Predicts Cardiac Arrests >>
* AI to Help Power Grids Resist Disruptions >>

* New system allows near-zero-power sensors to communicate data over long distances >>
* Low-Power Devices Use Backscatter to Transmit Data Several Kilometers >>
* China high temperature nuclear reactor could replace coal plants and provide industrial heat >>

* Starting a Robotics Company? Sell a Service, Not a Robot >>
* DARPA’s Dormant but Always-Alert Sensors >>
* Human brains connecting to the internet in realtime >>

* DNA Robots Can Deliver Molecular Packages >>
* The Apple Watch’s Heart Monitoring App Gets Smarter >>
* ‘Fog computing’ could improve communications during natural disasters >>

* The iPhone X’s face unlock and the fifth amendment don’t mix >>
* This robotic security guard is designed for all-terrain patrols >>
* Amazon might release Alexa-powered smart glasses this year, report says >>

* Drones carried blood samples over the Arizona desert, and it could change the future of medicine >>
* Building film experiences through WebVR with Powster >>

* Drones and Robots Are Taking Over Industrial Inspection >>
* Why 500 Million People in China Are Talking to This AI >>
* Facial Recognition Is Only the Beginning: Here’s What to Expect Next in Biometrics on Your Phone >>

* Facebook’s New ‘AI Camera’ Team Wants to Add a Layer to the World >>
* SpaceX might name its satellite broadband internet service ‘Starlink’ >>
* Tesla said to be working on its own self-driving AI chip with AMD >>

* This news-reading AI could scan for police shootings nationwide >>
* Apple’s A11 Bionic Chip In iPhone 8 and iPhone X Smokes Android Handsets In Early Benchmarks >>
* Uber is ready to cut a deal to get its London license back >>

* The inside story of the iPhone X ‘brain,’ the A11 Bionic chip >>
* World’s first VR brain surgery film will satisfy your scientific curiosity >>
* Sen. Al Franken is worried about iPhone X’s Face ID >>

* Google Maps is getting friendlier to people with wheelchairs >>
* A nanoparticle-coated skin patch could treat obesity and diabetes >>
* Warehouse-robots-learning >>

* Japanese develop robot dog that sniffs out smelly feet >>
* Quantum Computing: you know it’s cool, now find out how it works >>
* Scientists Design First-Ever Microchip That Stores Light as Sound >>

* MIT map offers real-time, crowd-sourced flood reporting during Hurricane Irma >>
* How neural networks think >>
* Maze-like chip helps spot aggressive cancer cells >>

* AI mimicking nature: Flying and talking >>
* Why democratizing AI matters: Computing, data, algorithms, and talent >>
* The state of AI adoption >>

* The APIs for neural networks in TensorFlow >>
* A New Zealand Company Built An AI Baby That Plays the Piano >>
* AI Just Made Guessing Your Password a Whole Lot Easier >>

* America’s Data-Swamped Spy Agencies Pin Their Hopes On AI >>
* TV Turns 90 >>
* Apple iPhone X A11 Bionic 6-Core CPU Crushes All Android Challengers In Benchmark Leak >>

* Everything coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now in October >>
* iFixit’s iPhone 8 teardown shows that you really don’t want to crack that glass back >>
* New trailers: Marvel’s The Punisher, Wes Anderson’s stop-motion dogs, and more >>

* How Apple Built An iPhone Camera That Makes Everyone A Professional Photographer >>

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  1. PETE
    September 24, 2017 at 11:33 pm

    Oh thank goodness you were just on holiday. I was worried that something horrible had happened to you… like (gasp) work… or worse.

    • September 25, 2017 at 12:12 am

      First time in 10 years! A complete break. Should be back to normal, from today forward, with recharged batteries. Although a massive backlog to clear.

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