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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 September 2017

* MIT and IBM: putting our “minds and hands” together to create the future of AI >>
* 3 Hurricanes Are Roiling the Atlantic At Once >>
* TV Turns 90 >>

* SpaceX Rocket Launches X-37B Space Plane on Secret Mission, Aces Landing >>
* Billionaire Paul Allen funds sensors to measure three times deeper in the ocean >>
* Intel installed its 3D camera system in eight more NFL stadiums >>

* Nvidia and Avitas Systems partner on using AI to help robots spot defects >>
* John Deere bought an AI company to optimize crop spraying >>
* A huge solar flare temporarily knocked out GPS communications >>

* Smartphones could someday assess brain injuries >>
* Hyperloop to hit maximum speed: Elon Musk reveals next round of SpaceX contest >>
* Bats crash into windows because of a glitch with their ‘sonar’ >>

* Artificial intelligence system guesses your sexuality with 91% accuracy >>
* Amazon to add second headquarters with up to 50,000 jobs >>
* This portable scanner of the future can tell if your food has gone bad >>

* Fitbit is teaming up with Dexcom for glucose monitoring on the Ionic Smartwatch >>
* Google Drive goes down and takes worldwide productivity with it >>

* Scientists pinpoint 27 states of emotion >>
* This “palm tree” will charge your phone and provide free Wi-Fi >>

* A cooling system that works without electricity >>
* R.I.P. SPARC and Solaris >>
* Things You Can Do With an Extra Robotic Arm >>

* Nissan’s Next-Gen Leaf Drives Farther, Thinks Deeper >>
* Handheld Mass-Spectrometry Pen Identifies Cancer in Seconds During Surgery >>
* China’s planned supersonic maglev transport in evacuated tubes >>

* MOAI Robot Is a Roomba Vacuum For Your Aquarium >>
* Drone pilots are getting their own weather forecasts >>
* Forgetting to hydrate is no longer an excuse with this smart water bottle >>

* Integrating convolutional neural networks into enterprise applications >>
* This is one of the smallest electric skateboards ever made >>
* Jaguar’s new concept has a steering wheel you talk to and take with you >>

* This Machine Learning-Powered Software Teaches Kids To Be Better Writers >>
* BMW is reportedly making an all-electric four-door sedan >>
* Google invites private networks into its cloud >>

* Potential North Korea War Scenarios >>
* How Apple Finally Made Siri Sound More Human >>
* Sony unveils its ‘true 4K’ projector that costs just $5,000 >>

* That Delta Plane Flying Straight Through Hurricane Irma Was Nbd >>
* Juno: Auroral Activity on Jupiter Up Close >>
* A New Supercar With Lamborghini Guts! >>

* All Jaguars will have electric drivetrains in 2020 >>
* Dell’s Visor is a gorgeous VR headset, but Windows Mixed Reality still needs polish >>

* Storm Warning: Solar Outburst Could Scramble Earth’s Communications >>
* Astronomers Use Our Sun to Predict Habitability of Alien Star Planets >>
* Organics Discovery at Mars’ Gale Crater Hints at Existence of RNA and Ancient Life >>

* WuXi NextCODE aims for the genomics database “gold standard” with new $240 million >>
* Hurricane Irma is a Man-made Disaster >>
* This Little Wireless Gadget Turns Your iPhone Into A DIY Recording Studio >>

* IBM and MIT to pursue joint research in artificial intelligence, establish new MIT–IBM Watson AI Lab >>
* can-the-us-really-nuke-north-korea-without-starting-a-world-war >>
* Is There a “Female” Brain? >>

* Massive Genetic Study Shows How Humans are Evolving >>
* Neural network learns to invent disease names with hilarious (and disturbing) results >>
* Vampires may have been REAL people with a blood disorder >>

* Cancer pen could tell surgeons where they should cut in seconds >>
* Researchers discover connection between low oxygen levels and a human gene >>
* Scientists discover the ‘adrenaline’ of the immune system >>
* Mankind at ‘tipping point’ as automation AI begins to replace us in ‘long and painful process’, experts >>

* How do I build a Jenkins project using the Ant build tool? >>
* How do I manage external jobs with Jenkins? >>
* How do I integrate Ant with Jenkins? >>

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