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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 September 2017

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* This qubit redesign may make it easier to make quantum computers >>
* India Just Might Be Getting A Hyperloop >>
* MIT Algorithm Reads Your Face to Detect Pain >>

* New algorithms could redistribute renewable energy without the grid. >>
* Bionic lens can make vision three times better than 20-20 >>
* US Navy wants bigger and more capable unmanned drone ships for future navy >>

* What’s Next after Creating a Cancer-Prevention Vaccine? >>
* The new 2018 Nissan Leaf offers 150 miles of EV range >>
* ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ loses director Colin Trevorrow >>

* Jupiter’s vividly glowing auroras have a mysterious power source >>
* Three things that will never be the same after the iPhone 8 >>

* Jet-Powered iCub Could Be the First Flying Humanoid Robot >>
* India has serious economic growth problems >>
* Russia will have new armored personnel carriers in the 2020s >>

* Space weather may be killing sperm whales >>
* China’s looking to one-up Elon Musk’s hyperloop >>
* Captain Kirk helped NASA send a tweet to Voyager 1 >>

* Apple at odds with Indian regulators over anti-spam app >>
* Mesosphere adds Kubernetes support to its data center operating system >>
* Size definitely doesn’t matter when it comes to this high-flying mini drone >>

* IBM Pitched Its Watson Supercomputer as a Revolution in Cancer Care. It’s Nowhere Close >>
* Apple and Amazon reportedly pursuing James Bond film rights >>
* Google Trips, Flights, and Destinations add new languages and countries >>

* Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater oasts rotating elevators and a secret WALL that retracts to reveal a demo are >>
* What to expect from the Steve Jobs Theater at the new iPhone reveal >>
* iPhone 8 Will Smoke Android Phones with This >>
* Three things that will never be the same after the iPhone 8 >>
* How Apple engineered its watch to push you to perform at your peak >>

* Driverless taxis designed to navigate London’s medieval streets will hit the roads in 2019 >>
* Amazon’s Souq acquires to expand Prime-style same and next-day delivery >>
* Microsoft Surface keynote coming at the end of October >>

* Category 5 Hurricane Irma smashes Caribbean islands and charts path for Florida >>
* Why do hurricanes even exist? The science behind these monster storms >>
* The Loyal Engineers Steering NASA’s Voyager Probes Across the Universe >>

* Another Monster Black Hole Found In The Milky Way >>
* Scientists discover strange form of black hole at the heart of Milky Way >>
* Are Elon Musk and Putin right about AI? >>

* Facebook AI researchers taught bots to understand human expressions >>
* Researchers Find New Way To Build Quantum Computers >>
* Breakthrough toward highly scalable silicon quantum processor >>

* This is what the F-22 Raptor’s replacement will be like >>
* A robot did better than 80% of students on the University of Tokyo entrance exam >>
* Researchers report new way to make dissolving electronics >>

* Big Solar Storm Coming Our Way, Now’s Your Chance To See Auroras >>
* Nasa, Noaa Satellites Track Hurricane Irma’s Path >>
* “Alien Air” –Proposed NASA Mission to Probe 1000 Exoplanet Atmospheres (VIDEO) >>

* Microsoft Hosting Live Windows 10 VR Demonstrations Next Month >>
* Commercial Use Cases Will Help Make VR Mainstream >>
* Windows is doomed >>

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