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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 September 2017

* This spacecraft is thinner than a human hair and can capture space debris >>
* Coming To Air Travel Soon: Yoga Studios, Kid Play Areas, And Shared Workspaces >>
* Microsoft Invents Deformable Sensors for use in future Surface Devices, HoloLens and even an annoying Smart Couch >>

* Jaguar thinks people will be talking to steering wheels in 30 years >>
* Elon Musk’s vision of the future just got so much darker >>

* The New Beats Headphones Cancel Noise Better Than Ever >>
* Cryptocurrencies have crashed 20% in two days >>

* VR throwback ‘Duck Season’ arrives September 14th >>
* Apple pours some W1 goodness into Beats Studio3 >>
* Holograms at Auckland Airport to spread biosecurity message >>

* Facial recognition catches 25 wanted criminals at Chinese BEER festival >>
* Three mile wide asteroid that skimmed past Earth on Friday has TWO moons that could each measure 1,000 feet across >>
* Some of Uranus’s small moons are doomed to collide >>

* Paper parking tickets are on their way out >>
* Asteroid Florence buzzes Earth in closest fly-by since 1890 >>
* Bronze Age women travelled the world while men stayed at home >>

* Mall parking goes high tech >>
* Tech giants’ failure to use surveillance to tackle terror poses ‘big moral questions’, minister >>

* Fall 2017 Tv Premiere Dates: Find Out When Your Favorites Return And Debut >>
* ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Spoilers: Find Out Which Characters Are Staying And Going >>
* ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Theory: Daenerys Targaryen’s Reign Might Be Cut Short Due To Possible Pregnancy >>

* The ‘cord-cutter’ generation is about to have its first big IPO but that doesn’t make Roku the next iPhone >>
* Your next doctor could be your dentist >>
* Why Apple’s future as a company hinges on Siri >>

* Netflix has an enormous content budget >>
* Here are the Fortune 500 companies that are growing and shrinking the fastest >>
* Lab-grown Brain Balls Are Starting To Look More Lifelike >>

* Chinese Man Jailed For Nine Months For Selling VPN Software >>
* The smart kitchen revolution is a slow one >>
* You can now pay for fried chicken by just scanning your face >>

* Rebuilding Quantum Theory from Scratch >>
* Preparations For Deployment Of Insight Lander To Mars Are Ramping Up! >>
* Motorized molecules drill into cancer cells >>

* 5.7 Million Year Old ‘Unmistakably Human’ Footprints Discovered >>
* What Does Space Look Like Under a Microscope? >>
* Galactic Winds Halted Ancient Star Birth, But May Have Started It Elsewhere >>

* Leading AI country will be ‘ruler of the world,’ says Putin >>
* Moovy Will Make Your Regular Bag Jealous >>
* North Korea has estimated 100 kiloton to 1 megaton nuclear fusion weapon test >>

* Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explores the Dark Mysteries of the Universe >>
* The expert who helped write the mental disorders manual explains why Trump doesn’t have one >>
* A single-molecule room-temperature transistor made from 14 atoms >>

* How our immune systems could stop humans reaching Mars >>
* The Morning After: Monday, September 4th 2017 >>
* Why poor countries often stay poor – and how they can get rich >>

* A Giant Nuclear Blast, but a Hydrogen Bomb? Too Soon to Say >>

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