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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 September 2017

* Panasonic’s robo-fridge comes to you when you call it >>
* KFC now lets Chinese customers pay with their FACE >>
* Vladimir Putin warns whoever cracks artificial intelligence will ‘rule the world’ >>

* People who hate ironing will love this futuristic at-home steamer >>
* Scientists Create Molecular Nanodrills That Destroy Cancer Cells >>
* £100 FridgeCam shows you what’s inside your fridge on your smartphone >>

* High-res Satellites Want To Track Human Activity From Space >>
* Sharp is ready to sell 8K consumer TVs now that we all have 4K >>

* Samsung’s ‘AI-powered’ washer is just trying to save you time >>
* Semi-autonomous robot arm can stitch a shoe from scratch in just 6 minutes >>
* SpaceX finishes testing Falcon Heavy’s first stage cores >>

* Zello app emerges as lifesaver during Hurricane Harvey >>
* IBM bucks trend, calls remote workers back into offices as tech changes >>

* Facebook will use AI to help correct skewed 360-degree photos >>
* Why Computers Are Having Such A Hard Time With This Deceptively Simple Chess Puzzle >>
* A single-molecule room-temperature transistor made from 14 atoms >>

* Intel shows off the Movidius Myriad X, a computer vision chip with deep learning baked-in >>
* IBM is teaching AI to behave more like the human brain >>
* Facebook Has Mapped the Entire Human Population of Earth >>

* Kim Kardashian: My four-year-old daughter could do better job than Donald Trump >>
* Parallels makes Windows apps work with your MacBook’s TouchBar >>
* The shape of future homes >>

* North Korea says it has developed H-bomb that can be fitted to long-range missile >>
* The US just gave North Korea a new threat to worry about — F-35 stealth jets >>
* India’s Boeing F/A-18e/F Super Hornet Deal Close To Becoming A Reality >>
* The newest Star Wars toy is a Porg — whatever that is >>

* India has become the ‘incredible market’ for Chinese entrepreneurs >>
* MAPPED: Where the working class can’t afford to live >>
* Hollywood is Suffering Its Worst-attended Summer Movie Season in 25 years >>

* Windows 10 Fall Creators Update may arrive on October 17th >>
* Sonic Forces Gets a Release Date and Nifty Collector’s Edition >>
* Nest invites press to a “big announcement” on September 20 >>

* Dating apps like Tinder are fuelling a rise in a cancer-causing STI through oral sex, warn dentists >>
* High-frequency chip makes fastest internet speeds look slow >>
* Behold, the inside of the mysterious Steve Jobs Theater >>

* Sanbot’s Alexa-integrated robot can livestream, order takeout >>
* Roku files for $100M IPO >>
* Nanoleaf delivers music syncing for its Aurora smart lights >>

* SanDisk Breaks Storage Record With 400GB MicroSD Card >>
* 15 bursts of radio emission detected from dwarf galaxy 3 billion light years away >>
* Google’s iOS app now shows trending searches >>

* China Is Making a 2,500mph “Flying Train” to Compete With Elon Musk’s Hyperloops >>
* Android 8.0 Oreo’s Speed And Stability Saved My Aging Smartphone >>
* How to Install Android Oreo on Your Phone >>

* The product design challenges of AR on smartphones >>
* Step Aside, Alexa: MIT Robot Follows Contextual Commands >>
* New Qualcomm Auto Chipset Advances Vehicle-To-Everything Communications >>

* 8 best gadgets from IFA, Europe’s largest technology show >>
* Huawei’s next mobile chipset is ready for our AI-powered future >>
* Physicists Want To Rebuild Quantum Theory From Scratch >>

* Vladimir Putin: Leader in artificial intelligence will rule world >>
* World’s Most Powerful X-Ray Laser >>

* Creative Innovation 2017 >>
* IFIP Interact 2017 >>
* Deep Learning Summit & Virtual Assistant Summit >>

* Successful Static Fire Test Sets Spacex On Target For Post Labor Day Launch Of Usaf X-37b Mini-shuttle Sept. 7 >>
* Ultraviolet Light Could Point The Way To Life Throughout The Universe >>
* Heavy Stellar Traffic Sends Dangerous Comets Our Way >>

* Will SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Ace Its Maiden Launch? >>
* Huge Asteroid ‘Florence’ Zooms Past Earth in Record-Breaking Flyby >>
* Researchers Discover Enzyme That Harnesses Light To Make Hydrocarbons >>

* Nasa’s Plan To Explore Venus With A “steampunk” Rover >>
* AI Analyzes Gravitational Lenses 10 Million Times Faster >>
* A First Glimpse of the Great American Eclipse >>

* MIT Builds Drone-Based RFID Relay to Track Boxes in Warehouses >>
* This Week’s ‘Planet Earth’ Report –“Human Hibernation to Release of the ‘JFK Motherload’ to NASA and the Future of Food” >>
* Nike’s ‘self-lacing’ engineer now works at Tesla >>

* The cutest new member of the Star Wars menagerie can be yours now >>
* Tinder hits top grossing app in the App Store on heels of Tinder Gold launch >>

* AI writes Yelp reviews that pass for the real thing >>
* Single-molecule-level data storage may achieve 100 times higher data density >>
* Researchers developing computer program to read people’s minds >>

* Let’s Analyze The Physics Of A 200 Mph Hyperloop Test Run >>
* Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Leaked Script: That Littlefinger Twist & The Stark Children’s Fate Explained >>
* Athelas launches a new type of blood testing device for the home >>

* Fully reusable Spacex Rockets would be lower cost than Skylon spaceplanes >>
* Single-nucleus RNA sequencing, droplet by droplet >>
* Baidu and China Life set up US$1 billion AI fund >>

* Intel AI accelerator capable of Trillion operations per second per watt >>
* Drones and AI Take On Killer Sharks Down Under >>
* Next gen satellites will count people 40 times a day at desired spots anywhere on earth >>

* Scientists measure magnetic field around most distant galaxy yet >>
* Ford and Domino’s to deliver pizza using self-driving cars in new test >>

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