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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 September 2017

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* Strange signals were just spotted coming from a distant galaxy >>
* Dream Chaser Space Plane Makes Crucial Leap Toward Orbital Flights >>
* This Robot Can Sew T-shirts as Fast as a Crew of 17 Humans >>

* Apple will unveil the next iPhone on September 12th at its new campus >>
* Everything Apple Might Announce at Its iPhone 8 Event >>

* XYZPrinting announces a $3,000 full-color 3D printer >>
* AI Beats George R.R. Martin to Writing ‘GoT’ Book Six >>

* Tesla’s Hyperloop ‘pusher pod’ sets 220MPH speed record >>
* China Plans 600 MPH Train To Rival Elon Musk’s Hyperloop >>
* Astronomers use AI to reduce analysis time from months to seconds >>

* How Netflix’s Content Strategy Is Reshaping Movie Culture >>
* Amazon’s delivery drones could use Alexa to chat to customers and even yell at them to get out of its way >>
* VR Theme Park Hopes to Push Public Pickup >>

* Will the iPhone 9 be a giant? Claims Apple is ‘developing a 6.5-inch handset to take on the Galaxy Note’ >>
* Teenagers spend the equivalent of more than 40 full days a year looking at their mobile phones >>
* Ice Age skeleton found in a Mexican cave sheds new light on when the first humans arrived in the Americas >>

* Get ready to complain to a chatbot: Experts say ’emotionless’ AIs are already taking over customer support >>
* The ultimate gymbot: Tiny nanomachine can lift 165 times its own weight 100 times in a row >>
* AI can do an astronomer’s job 10 million times faster >>
* Alexa, it’s time for work: Ask Cortana to read Outlook emails >>

* US Missiles Destroy Airborne Target in Successful Defense Test (Video, Photos) >>
* China’s Navy in the 2020s will have a lot of modern subs, carriers and sea bases >>
* Scientists want to turn our gut bacteria into medicine >>

* Quantum Optical Memory Device One Thousand Times Smaller Than Previous Options >>
* Dutch Will Use Wind Power to Green Airports, But Solar is the Future Elsewhere >>
* You shouldn’t be too worried about the huge asteroid that’s about to fly right past us >>

* Samsung secures self-driving car testing permit for California roads >>
* This is how your brain tells time >>
* What happens when you heat the Antarctic ocean by a single degree? >>

* This self-learning AI is taking the best esports pros to school >>
* SanDisk’s 400GB microSD card is an Android phone’s best friend >>
* Have Magic Leap’s $1.4 billion AR glasses been revealed? Patent shows bulky-looking ‘swimming goggles’ >>

* Building Real-time Data Pipelines >>
* The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data >>
* For Rulers: Priming Political Leaders for Saving Humanity from Itself >>

* ALMA Observatory Detects Huge Hidden Reservoirs of Fuel That Feed Starburst Galaxies >>
* I Just Fought Kylo Ren Using Lenovo’s Star Wars AR Headset >>
* Eye Scans to Detect Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease >>

* Breakthrough Detects Repeating Fast Radio Bursts Coming From Distant Galaxy >>
* Scientists on Hunt for Signs of Extraterrestrial Intelligence Detect 15 New Cosmic Radio Bursts From Deep Space >>
* New Activity of Repeating FRB 121102 >>

* Want A Robot To Walk Like You? Don’t Expect It To Look Human >>
* How Spaceflight Affects the Body on a Molecular Level >>
* Wanna See A Fighter Jet Fly Through A Rainbow? Of Course You Do >>

* This 3-d Printer Spits Out Action Figures In Full Color >>
* Neato Robotics adds more smarts to its vacuum cleaners >>
* Android TV: The Oreo update isn’t enough >>

* Vodafone’s Voxi SIMs come with ‘free’ social media data >>
* New Star Wars Toy Is LEGO’s Biggest and Most Expensive Set Ever >>
* An exec at Alphabet’s moonshot lab teaches people how to be happy — here’s the first thing he says to do when you’re feeling down >>

* Insurance drones expected to play a major role in Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath >>
* NASA is about to kill its $US3.26 billion Cassini mission — and the last parts to burn up will be what made exploration of Saturn possible >>
* In internal Tesla memo, Elon Musk says the way most companies communicate is ‘incredibly dumb’ >>

* A mini-space shuttle is being test-flown over the Mojave Desert — watch the live video >>
* Warren Buffett is set to make nearly $12 billion on a single trade >>
* Tunnels on Mars Might Protect Astronauts From Dangerous Levels of Radiation >>

* In 1.3 Million Years, the Solar System Will Briefly Contain Two Stars >>
* Sphero’s new Star Wars toys include R2-D2 and a new droid from ‘The Last Jedi’ >>
* Planets in habitable zone of Trappist-1 may have water at the surface >>

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