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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 August 2017

* Nerve Cells restored in Monkeys with Parkinsons like disease >>
* We’ve just seen 15 new mysterious cosmic radio bursts from space >>
* MIT CSAIL teaches a robot to follow contextual voice commands >>

* Apple’s iPhone 8 will use gesture controls instead of a home button, new leaks suggest >>
* Is AI our best hope for finding alien life? Scientists show that neural networks can spot tiny wobbles in space-time 10 MILLION times faster than current methods >>
* Brave new world of biofuels: How E10 makes your car go >>

* Light-driven ‘nanomachines’ could be used as tiny missiles inside the body to blast away cancer cells >>
* Fatal AI mistakes could be prevented by having human teachers >>
* Children whose parents have split are less stressed when they spend their time living equally between two >>

* MIT’s latest robot politely weaves through crowds >>
* Smart’s autonomous concept car literally says “Hello” >>
* BMW shows off its all-electric Mini concept >>

* IBM’s Watson is creating US Open tennis highlight videos >>
* Amazon and Microsoft agree their voice assistants will talk (to each other) >>
* Do We Need A Speedometer For Artificial Intelligence? >>

* US Missiles Destroy Airborne Target in Successful Defense Test >>
* North Korea’s Missile Shot Over Japan Calls Trump’s Bluff >>
* Robot airbags could help industrial bots play nice with humans >>

* The VR dating show makes me want to never date again >>
* Scott Roberts on intelligence-driven incident response >>
* Apple ARKit is about to transform the App Store in the most awesome way >>

* Magic Leap patent drawings reveal what might be its mysterious AR glasses >>
* FDA Approval of a “Living Drug” Heralds a New Era in Cancer Care >>
* Insurance Companies Are Preparing Fleets of Drones to Assess the Damage of Harvey >>

* Ultrathin Quantum Dot Display Wearable Electronics shows animated tattoo display >>
* Checking yourself for melanomas? You might not be looking for the right thing. >>
* Cities are great when they work: Notes from Session 6, Urban 3.0 >>

* The best way to customize a supercar is in VR >>
* How We Won Gold in the Cyborg Olympics’ Brain Race >>
* Elusive Majorana Particle Takes Major Step Towards Quantum Computing >>

* Don’t Worry About Super-Intelligent Robots. Worry About Dumb, Unpredictable Ones >>
* How your selfies could help detect pancreatic cancer >>

* Wi-Fi + HD Video + Drones = Still Wobbly >>
* Brain-Like Neural Networks Study Space-Time Distortions at Breakneck Speed >>
* MIT’s Max Tegmark: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” (VIDEO) >>

* New Theory Says Soon After Big Bang, Black Holes Lit Up the Universe >>
* Was the Origin of Life a Fluke? Or Was It Physics? >>
* Elon Musk’s Neuralink Gets $27 Million to Merge Humans and Machines >>

* Second Hyperloop Pod Design Competition A Success >>
* This vacuum-activated modular robot is equally nasty and neat >>
* A physicist on why AI safety is ‘the most important conversation of our time’ >>

* MIT’s RFID Drone Inventory System Could Save Retailers Billions >>
* MIT’s new Ford-funded robot can deftly navigate pedestrian traffic >>
* Watch Acer’s IFA 2017 showcase in under six minutes >>

* Why Voice Assistants Will Give You A Headache >>
* NASA’s Plan To Stop A Supervolcano from Destroying The Earth’s Climate >>

* Weird ancient burst of light in the sky turns out to be a nova >>
* Is-donating-your-dna-to-the-nhs-worth-the-privacy-risks >>
* Human blood and skin cells used to treat Parkinson’s in monkeys >>

* Would YOU pay $30 for a 4K movie? Apple in row with Hollywood studios over pricing for new download service >>
* An end to Alzheimer’s? Scientists show how we could block the disease in its earliest stages >>
* Amazon Music Unlimited finally joins Spotify and Apple Music in offering student rates >>

* $100 Million E.T. Hunt Spots 15 Mysterious Light Flashes >>
* Roku is killing Apple (and everyone else) in the streaming device space >>
* Here’s how Daimler is evolving its tiny Smart car for self-driving >>

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