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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 August 2017

* Why NASA’s twin Voyagers probes are the most important spacecraft ever launched — and could be the last evidence of humanity’s existence >>
* Mini-antennas could power brain-computer interfaces, medical devices >>
* Brain-Inspired AI: How Neuroscience Helps to Advance Machine Learning >>

* Polygram detects facial reactions to shared photos >>
* MoviePass Is Off to a Strong Start and Theaters May Not Be Able to Stop It >>
* Even Artificial Neural Networks Can Have Exploitable ‘backdoors’ >>

* Dragonfly Proposed To Nasa As Daring New Frontiers Mission To Titan >>
* LIGO May Be On the Verge of Announcing Major Gravitational Wave Discovery from Exotic New Source >>
* Deep View Of Antares >>

* Microbes Could Turn Astronaut Pee into Plastic and Nutrients (Video) >>
* The Matter with Dark Matter >>
* Threat Tracking Usaf Satellite Launching Nighttime Aug 25 On Cape Debut Of Retired Icbm Minotaur Rocket: Watch Live >>

* New Study Of Antares Creates The Best Map Ever Of A Distant Star >>
* DARPA leading electronics revolution to go beyond printed circuit boards with modular chiplets >>
* Video Friday: Robogami, Flying Snake Robots, and Autonomous Car Eclipse >>

* Samsung chief jailed over scandal that brought down South Korean president >>
* Samsung heir sentenced to 5 years prison by South Korea court >>
* Samsung Patent Reveals a Major Smart Speaker System for the Home that Includes a Projector >>
* Samsung Wins a Design Patent for a Star Trek-Like Communicator >>

* This yarn makes its own electricity >>
* Better educated parents have children who are more relaxed, outgoing and explorative >>
* Qantas Airways wants to launch the world’s longest flight—if technology can handle it >>

* Magnetothermal Genetics: A Fourth Tool in the Brain-Hacking Toolbox >>
* The Future of Computing Depends on Making It Reversible >>
* Diamond Ring in a Cloudy Sky >>

* Technological Disruptors and not Tech Singularity will force companies to accelerate or die >>
* Amazon’s big price cuts at Whole Foods just the beginning >>
* Hawthorne City approves two mile long Boring Company Test Tunnel >>

* Sherpa secures $2.3M to build AI-driven insurance platform tailored to individuals >>
* Software Is Eating the Auto Industry >>
* Facebook Wins a Patent for a Major In-Air Gesturing System for Future Desktop Computer Systems >>

* Robot suit helps children with cerebral palsy to walk better >>
* Apple’s Swift coding course heads to 30 community colleges >>
* The HBO hackers just sent us the end of ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 >>

* Netflix’s Most Underrated Power? Anticipation >>
* Elon Musk’s Boring Co. gets Hawthorne city nod to dig a two-mile test tunnel >>
* For the First Time Tiny Robots Treat Infection in a Living Organism >>

* Netflix is making gains on live TV as viewers’ first choice for watching shows >>
* The Relationship Between Hurricanes and Climate Change >>
* 10 smart gadgets to bring on your next camping trip >>

* Is Apple CEO Tim Cook running for president? He says ‘no’ >>
* NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope –Infrared Eye of Hubble’s Successor Will Probe ‘Ocean Worlds’ for Chemical Signatures of Biology >>

* Strongest resistive magnet created with 41.4 tesla >>
* James Webb Telescope will be infatuated with Europa and Enceladus >>
* New Kind of Gravitational Wave Source Detected? >>

* Two ex-Googlers are using AI to guarantee interviews for tech job seekers >>
* An insider’s take on the future of coding bootcamps >>
* Gillmor Gang: What It’s Worth >>

* How to design a custom robot in minutes without being a roboticist >>
* Tesla music-streaming service may be closer than we think >>
* New Video of Hurricane Harvey from the International Space Station –“Up to 20 Trillion Gallons of Water” >>

* How Solar-Reliant Power Grids Passed the Eclipse Test >>
* APOD: The Heart Nebula in Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Sulfur >>
* A Game You Can Control With Your Mind >>

* Sami Inkinen on his bold plan to cure type 2 diabetes forever >>
* AI Training Algorithms Susceptible To Backdoors, Manipulation >>

* DNA sensor plays critical role in cancer immunotherapy via response to unexpected DNA form >>
* How Artificial Intelligence Will Make Digital Humans Hollywood’s New Stars >>
* Next-generation drug testing on chips >>

* What the world’s tiniest ‘monster truck’ reveals >>
* 3D Printed Drones Fly into the Future >>
* NASA Made This Technology for Space—Now, It Will Improve What We Eat >>

* Artificial Intelligence | Future of Everything With Jason Silva (Part 6) >>

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