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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 August 2017

* Watch the International Space Station Cross Over the Eclipsed Sun >>
* Wow! See Totality from the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse (Videos) >>
* Scientists recreate Neptune’s diamond rain using powerful lasers >>

* Moon’s interior is DRY: Analysis of a lunar rock from the Apollo 16 mission suggests there is no ocean lurking beneath our satellite’s surface >>
* Climate model reveals that it SNOWS on Mars at night – a finding that could be crucial for human explorations on the red planet >>
* Nasa plans to make O2 on Mars >>

* Android O is now called Android Oreo >>
* What’s new in Android Oreo >>
* Android 8 Oreo What’s new, what’s changed, and what’s awesome >>
* Android Oreo: You’ll Want It, Even If You Can’t Get It >>

* Quadcopter with sniper rifle or grenade launcher >>
* Elon Musk urges the UN to ban artificially intelligent killer robots >>
* Industry Urges United Nations to Ban Lethal Autonomous Weapons in New Open Letter >>
* Inside the fighter jet of the future where AI is the pilot >>

* Machines Taught By Photos Learn A Sexist View Of Women >>
* Our hairy insides >>
* Scientists find a much faster way to classify our cells >>

* Walmart may use a blimp to deploy its delivery drones >>
* World over 60 population in 2100 will exceed entire world population from 1960 >>
* I Want Students to See Many Different Futures >>

* Inductive Wireless Charging for Automotive Applications >>
* Virtual Reality Platform Created For Lab Animals >>
* VR companies keep slashing the prices of their high-end headsets >>

* ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ space skirmishes put Yoda in the cockpit >>
* ‘The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs’ promises biggest-ever pets expansion >>
* Enhanced ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ shows off the power of the Xbox One X >>
* HTC cuts the Vive VR headset’s price to $599 >>

* Game Of Thrones Recap, Season 7 Episode 6: Heroes Do Stupid Things >>
* What That Major Game of Thrones Twist Means for Daenerys and Her Dragons >>
* Markforged announces two 3D printers that produce items as strong as steel >>

* LIFE WITH AI; Five virtual assistants, one week, lots of hiccups. >>
* Your next computer will be nearly twice as fast as existing PCs >>
* Asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago could have thrust Earth into darkness for TWO YEARS >>

* Antarctic mystery microbe could tell us where viruses came from >>
* The Future of Eclipse Science >>
* So, when will your device actually get Android Oreo? >>

* Wearables could soon be made of silk: Scientists are feeding silkworms GRAPHENE to make them produce strong and flexible materials that can also conduct electricity >>
* Secret Service says it will run out of money to protect Trump and his family September 30 >>
* Scientists create DIAMOND RAIN to demonstrate tprocess that occurs inside icy giant planets like Neptune >>

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