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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 August 2017

* The Robots Will Be Soft And Cuddly And Heal Their Own Wounds >>
* Apple mulls pricey early movie rentals right after theater debut >>
* A new machine learning app for reporting on hate in America >>

* Google warns watermarked photos are still vulnerable, as its new AI proves it can easily erase logos without ruining an image >>
* NASA is using Intel’s deep learning to find better landing sites on the moon >>

* This video of dancing robots will keep you up at night >>
* Google Researchers Made An Algorithm To Delete Watermarks From Photos >>
* Scientists have developed a battery that gets its power from human spit >>

* Scientists successfully use artificial womb to save premature lambs for the second time in history >>
* Sperm cells are created in the lab offering hopes of a cure for one of the most commons causes of male infertility >>

* DARPA seeks scalable and dynamic testing for learning robots >>
* The Huger Tech Racer electric skateboard proves fast doesn’t mean first place >>
* This 3D-printed robotic arm is built for sign language >>

* 5G Bytes: Small Cells Explained >>
* New Immunotherapy Trial Cures Kids of Peanut Allergy For Up To Four Years >>
* Facebook is testing ‘Featured Topic’ tool for News Feed that will show users customized links based on their interests >>

* Laser SETI Funded >>
* Mexico City’s urban cable car, Mexicable, is new transport system for one of the world’s busiest places. >>

* NASA’s Parker Probe Will Explore The Sun’s Hellish Atmosphere in 2018 >>
* Lockheed next generation active electronically scanned array radar >>
* More telescope for drones and satellites with weight reduction of ten to 100 times >>

* DARPA Squad-x program for integration of robots, drones and sensors with infantry >>
* Microsoft invents 3D Camera System for Surface Devices that will Capture Hand Gestures, Drawings & Text >>
* Russian cosmonauts release the world’s first 3D printed satellite during spacewalk on the ISS >>

* Amazon patents bizarre accordion-style chute that would let delivery drones drop packages from the SKY without ever having to land >>
* Amazon can borrow money more cheaply than Russia, Mexico and China >>
* Risk Takers Are Back in the Space Race—and That’s a Good Thing >>

* Oxford 3D bioprinting scaling to industrial scale tissue printing and organ printing >>
* Crispr gene editing for healthier food and major medical advances >>
* Machining of spider silk fibers using femtosecond lasers >>

* Reliable Perching Makes Fixed-Wing UAVs Much More Useful >>
* Self-Driving Wheelchairs Debut in Hospitals and Airports >>
* Apple and Hollywood studios could be heading for a big game of chicken against theater chains >>

* Infosys CEO quits, citing ‘untenable atmosphere’ created by critics >>
* Apple Is Entering The Content Streaming War Against Netflix–And Other Stories You Might Have Missed >>
* To Win The AI Assistant Wars, Apple Is Melding Siri With Its Other Services >>

* Delphi and LiDAR-maker Innoviz partner on self-driving tech >>
* Explore The Moon Using Augmented Reality >>

* Nasa Plans To Send Cubesat To Venus To Unlock Atmospheric Mystery >>
* About 2 trillion dollars for China and Transasia High Speed rail by 2030 >>

* Gigantic Bubbles at Center of Milky Way Reaching Out 50,000 Light Years Discovered to be Source of Mysterious Cosmic Rays >>
* NASA Monitoring 3-Mile-Wide Asteroid –“Largest Potentially Hazardous NEO Ever Tracked This Close to Earth” >>
* NASA launches satellite to relay data from Hubble, ISS and other spacecraft >>

* You can’t escape Windows error messages in this augmented reality nightmare >>
* Infiniti’s Prototype 9 is a modern electric car with 1940s retro racer roots >>
* Google uses machine learning to help journalists track hate >>

* Clocky is an alarm clock on wheels that will roll away from your sleepy head >>
* Apple and Hollywood said to continue talks around early digital movie rentals >>
* A Tidally Locked ‘Earth’? >>

* Online Coursera class on solar eclipse and other eclipse info >>
* “Totality!” –WATCH NASA Videos to Prep for Monday’s Live-Streamed Total Eclipse >>
* Here’s a Timeline of When the 2017 Solar Eclipse Begins and Ends >>
* Solar eclipse to be live-streamed from BALLOONS soaring 80,000 feet above Earth’s surface >>
* Turn Your Smartphone into an Eclipse Tool Kit with Essential Apps >>
* xkcd: why isn’t there an Ecilipse every month >>
* We’ve been predicting eclipses for over 2000 years. Here’s how. >>
* NASA’s 360-Degree Facebook Live Stream Brings the Eclipse From the Sky to Your Screen >>

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