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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 August 2017

* Scientists Took Over a Computer by Encoding Malware in DNA >>
* Major step towards growing human organs in pigs: Scientists use gene editing to eliminate viruses in the animals >>
* Scientists use controversial CRISPR gene-editing technology to change the insects’ social behaviour >>

* Tesla’s autonomous trucks will move in platoons, report says >>
* Facebook takes on TV with Watch >>
* DeepMind AI teaches itself about the world by watching videos >>

* Emdrive inventor Shawyer patenting new approach and has bigger claims >>
* Car Battery Breakthrough Claimed in Japan >>
* Chinese museum claims to have bred the world’s largest insect… and it’s as long as YOUR ARM >>

* This protein makes your heart fit without actually exercising it >>
* On the Cutting Edge of Hearing Aid Research >>
* Sunshield Layers Installed On Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope As Mirror Cryo Cooling Testing Commences >>

* Want A Diagnosis Tomorrow, Not Next Year? Turn To Ai >>
* South Korea could be the first country in the world to implement a ‘robot tax’ >>
* AssemblyAI wants to put customized speech recognition within reach of any developer >>

* AI Hunts for New ALS Treatments >>
* The incredible moment a chimpanzee learns how to play rock, paper, scissors >>
* Do you need a machine to make almond milk at home? Probably not >>

* A device for people who can’t ever seem to remember toilet paper at the store >>
* GM expands car rental service for gig economy workers >>
* Microsoft wants to make blockchain networks enterprise-ready with its new Coco Framework >>

* Groundbreaking screening tool is the first to map ‘junk DNA’ for mystery gene mutations that cause cancer, diabetes, and dementia – and experts say it could ‘revolutionize medicine’ >>
* LG V30’s camera has the lowest f-stop in a smartphone >>
* A Different Kind Of Science Show >>

* Robocado! Online supermarket completes successful trial of the UK’s first driverless delivery van in London >>
* Apollo 15 Moon Rocks Reveal Death of Lunar Magnetic Field –“Once 1,000 Times Larger” >>
* A Real Dynamo: Moon’s Magnetic Field Lasted Far Longer Than Thought >>

* Comparing Reactions of different Groups to Nuclear Thermal Rocket enabled space colonization >>
* 50 cal and 20 mm versus Titanium >>
* Comicon trailer for Star Trek Discovery >>

* Does drinking hot liquids on a hot day actually cool you off? >>
* This smart window uses electricity to quickly change from clear to dark >>
* Twitch’s desktop streaming app is officially here >>

* Cassini will take five victory laps before plunging into Saturn >>
* Largest Space Telescope Ever Could Study an Earth-Like Exoplanet Next Door >>
* Outlook.com – Microsoft free personal email >>

* Researchers link genes and motor skills development >>

* Ikea smart lightbulbs get HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home support >>
* Tesla applying to test self-driving semi-trucks in Nevada and California >>
* FCC wants mobile data to count as broadband internet >>

* Future semiconductor research leadership empowered by design automation >>
* Serverless architectures; The next technological evolution of cloud systems. >>
* Internet Archive Blocked in 2,650 Site Anti-Piracy Sweep >>

* Elon Musk’s claims about self-driving Teslas might have been overblown >>
* AI-Enabled Device Emits Radio Waves to Wirelessly Monitor Sleep Patterns at Home >>
* Chinese satellite sends ‘unbreakable’ code to Earth from SPACE in quantum milestone that could lead to ultra-secure global communications >>

* RANKED: The most peaceful countries in the world >>
* $9 billion Stripe has a master plan to take over the world — or at least, open it up for business >>
* 6 major services that let you stream live TV over the internet >>

* The Radical Plan to Cool Down LA as the World Heats Up >>
* THE LAST JEDI A surrogate son will rise to replace Leia in the next ‘Star Wars’ >>
* Nanit the AI nanny tries to unravel the mysteries of a restless baby >>

* Disney Sued For Allegedly Spying On Children Through 42 Gaming Apps >>
* Disney Ditching Netflix Keeps Piracy Relevant >>
* “Hollywood insiders, people have no reason to pirate, when available online legally. What they don’t mention, is users need a few dozen paid services, to access them all.” >>

* Facebook is about to launch its big attack on TV >>
* Facebook ‘Watch’ section launches as a platform for TV shows >>
* Gene-Editing Success Brings Pig-to-Human Transplants Closer to Reality >>
* Gene Editing Spurs Hope for Transplanting Pig Organs Into Humans >>
* Malicious code written into DNA infects the computer that reads it >>
* Biohackers Encoded Malware in a Strand of DNA >>
* These Scientists Took Over a Computer by Encoding Malware in DNA >>
* Researchers Embed Malware into DNA to Hack DNA Sequencing Software >>

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