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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 August 2017

* The first serious AR phone is finally here >>
* Blizzard and DeepMind turn StarCraft II into an AI research lab >>
* In Less Than Five Years, 44 Trillion Cameras Will Be Watching Us >>

* Consumer drones are causing problems for the military >>
* Brits look at Google and Facebook every 210 seconds, says survey >>
* Facebook uses AI to detect fake ads >>

* Mazda makes gasoline engines as efficient as diesel >>
* Regenerative nanochip restores ANY tissue with 98% success and clinical trials start next year >>
* New Titanosaur was largest land animal ever at 122 feet long and 69 tons >>

* Marijuana use increases risk of dying from high blood pressure by three times >>
* Little nozzles could propel nano satellites >>
* It Was Necessary to Use Nukes Against Japan–but North Korea Is More Complicated >>

* Estonia’s driverless buses already encountered several ‘near misses’ on a busy intersection >>
* Demystifying the Black Box That Is AI >>
* Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Failure Gets a Gold-Standard Trial >>

* A single tail feather reveals the secrets of a penguin’s migration >>
* Now, paper-based battery powered by your saliva >>
* Two habitable planets targets for colonisation detected 12 light years away >>

* Legal automation can lead to more justice and fewer lawyers >>
* 5 tons of Genetically modified salmon that grows twice as fast sold in Canada >>
* China/Hong Kong will have joint immigration and custom facilities at High Speed rail terminus >>

* Precision Microblasting technology used to dig high speed rail under the Great Wall >>
* ‘Origami organs’ can potentially regenerate tissues >>
* Constructing full earth like conditions in Space with technology proven in the sixties >>

* Youthful Plasticity Restored to the Brains of Adult Mice >>
* A True Random Number Generator Built From Carbon Nanotubes >>
* FCC wants to lower high speed internet definition and standards >>

* Gorgeous Images Of The August 2017 Partial Lunar Eclipse >>
* Standford Team Creates Mdot, A Mini-starshade For Exoplanet Research >>
* Intense Glacial Melt Triggers Changes in Antarctica’s Polar Deserts >>

* Our Broken Economy, in One Simple Chart >>
* AI pioneer Andrew Ng says his new online course will help build ‘an AI-powered society’ >>
* TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017 is all in on artificial intelligence and machine learning >>

* Construction workers are posting Snapchat stories from inside Apple Park >>
* Nissan’s next all-electric car rumored to undercut Tesla with super-low price >>
* Intel will unveil 8th-gen Core processors on August 21st >>

* Mass Market Hopes For Battery-free Cell Phone Technology >>
* Netflix lands the Coen Brothers’ Western TV series >>
* Lunar dynamo’s lifetime extended by at least 1 billion years >>

* The iPhone 8 could mute notifications when you’re looking at the screen >>
* Teleport’s neural networks let you try before you hair dye >>
* Edible robot surgeons will cure you from the inside out >>

* Ten gigabattery scale battery factory projects in China, Europe and USA >>
* These are the four criteria for getting a job at Google >>
* Google’s Ai Declares Galactic War On Starcraft >>

* A Pair of NASA Jets Will Chase the Eclipse With Telescopes on Their Noses >>
* ‘Rez Infinite’ on PC and VR is pure digital nirvana >>
* Nissan’s next Leaf will be $5,000 cheaper than the Model 3 >>

* Nasa’s Smartest Satellite Is Gone. Can Private Space Replace It? >>
* Cancer detection, one slice at a time >>
* North Korea Just Took The Nuclear Step Experts Have Dreaded >>

* Disney will shun Netflix for its own streaming service in 2019 >>
* IBM speeds deep learning by using multiple servers >>
* Type 1 diabetes may be halted by experimental immunotherapy >>

* The Future of Peer Review >>
* Early humans may have seen a supervolcano explosion up close >>
* We can stop hacking and trolls, but it would ruin the internet >>

* High-rise forests in Italy are fighting air pollution >>
* New interview for ‘The Last Jedi’ reveals details about that cliffhanger in ‘The Force Awakens’ >>
* TV reboots are getting out of hand >>

* Losing Disney might sting Netflix in the short term, but it shouldn’t change things for investors >>

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