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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 August 2017

* GM’s next electric car will only cost $5,300 — in China >>
* Blocking a key enzyme may reverse memory loss >>
* Intel’s push for petabyte SSDs requires a new kind of drive >>

* Autonomous wheelchairs arrive at Japanese airport >>
* Transform your ideas into code with this app-enabled robot >>
* NASA move closer to creating a service spacecraft for LEO satellites >>

* IBM Research achieves record deep learning performance with new software technology >>
* The evolution of machine learning >>
* Brain-controlled VR game hints at a hands-free future >>

* AI Superstar Andrew Ng Is Democratizing Deep Learning With A New Online Course >>
* TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017 is all in on artificial intelligence and machine learning >>
* Dueling AIs compete in learning to walk, secretly manipulating images and more at NIPS >>

* New Microfluidic Chip Boosts the Sensitivity of Immunoassays by >1000x >>
* Inside the Fall, and Rebirth, of a Bill Gates–Backed Battery Startup >>
* CBS is launching a streaming sports channel this year >>

* GM is beta testing a ride-hailing app for autonomous EVs >>
* Tiny terahertz laser could be used for imaging, chemical detection >>
* Fingernail-sized chip can repair damaged tissue in seconds >>

* JPL’s Design for a Clockwork Rover to Explore Venus >>
* Manipulating and Controlling Sound: The Development of Acoustic Metamaterials >>
* Photon-Triggered Nanowire Transistors a Step Toward Optical Computing >>

* China can’t find anyone smart enough to run its whizzbang $180m 1,640ft radio telescope >>
* Martian-Inspired Tripod Walking Robot Generates Its Own Gaits >>

* This Algorithm Can Tell If You’re Depressed Just From Your Instagram Posts >>
* MIT uses radio waves and AI to more accurately study sleep >>
* Possible Anti-Aging Brain Therapy Shows Promise in Mice >>

* Salesforce AI helps brands track images on social media >>
* Is this the End of Typing? The Internet’s Next Billion Users Want Video and Voice >>
* Microsoft launches new Outlook.com beta; starts testing new features >>

* Getting ready for Europe’s new data protection rules >>
* Finally: An Augmented Reality App That Injects The Internet Into Real Life >>
* The military can shoot down drones that fly over bases >>

* Experiment Detects Mysterious Neutrino-nucleus Scattering For The First Time >>
* Total Solar Eclipse: If You Can’t See It Live, Use Virtual Reality with Volvo, CNN >>
* DOE Backs AI for Clean Tech Investors >>

* Intel’s Core i9 revealed to reach 36 cores at 4.2 GHz >>
* Sun’s Core Makes One Complete Rotation Per Week –“Not Predicted By Current Theories” >>
* Sunshield Fully Integrated on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope >>

* Space Station Robot Installs Neutron Star Explorer: Watch the Time-Lapse Video >>
* LIGO Gravitational Wave Discovery Reveals Our Milky Way Galaxy Harbors as Many as 100 Million Black Holes >>
* “12 Light Years Away” –Four Rocky, Earth-Like Planets Detected Orbiting Our Nearest Sun-like Star, Tau Ceti >>

* David Letterman Returning to TV With Netflix Talk Show >>
* The Arrival of Microsoft 365 and What it Means for Businesses >>
* Intel Wants To Cram 1PB of SSD Storage Into a 1U Server >>

* Watch the ransom video hackers sent to HBO >>
* Indian ISPs Appear To Be Blocking Access To Internet Archive >>
* Firefox 55 Arrives With WebVR on Windows, Performance Panel, and Click-to-Play Flash >>

* Disney’s ‘magic Bench’ Fixes Ar’s Biggest Blind Spot >>
* Alphabet expands in Africa >>
* Gene Therapy Is Now Available, but Who Will Pay for It? >>

* Brain scans reveal females have significantly more active brains than men >>
* Giant exoplanet with glowing water atmosphere discovered >>
* New technique reveals inner structure of live embryos in 3D >>

* NASA released this 5-year time-lapse of Mars from its Curiosity rover — and the footage looks amazing >>
* This Optical Illusion Is Breaking Our Brains >>

* Disney to end Netflix deal and launch its own streaming service >>
* HBO hackers leak Game of Thrones stars’ phone numbers and addresses >>
* Hard Lessons in Living Off the Grid >>

* Deeplearning.ai is Andrew Ng’s new series of deep learning classes on Coursera >>
* Andrew Ng Spreads The Gospel Of Ai With A New Online School >>

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