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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 August 2017

* First implants derived from stem cells to ‘cure’ type 1 diabetes >>
* Researchers develop method for real-time speech animation >>
* New AI algorithm monitors sleep with radio waves >>

* Self-propelling droplets creep towards heat to cool microchips >>
* Japan makes 44 magnum resistant helmet >>
* Framestore Is Building A Mind-Bending Fractal Multiverse For VR >>

* Digital to Biological converter for on demand bio >>
* Intel’s 18-core chip was a risk. It will probably pay off. >>
* New computer models could direct scientists to epic cosmic events >>

* Groundbreaking skin patch the size of a penny can regrow organs, restore brain function, and heal wounds by injecting genetic code into the damaged area >>
* Samsung to unveil its Galaxy Note 8 THREE WEEKS before it goes on sale on August 23rd >>
* Supposed iPhone Leak Mentions Depth-Sensing Front Camera >>

* First Genetically Engineered Salmon Sold in Canada >>
* The incredible ‘dragonfly bridge’ concept that folds up and sails the river to set up in new locations >>
* New Nanowire Is World’s Worst Electrical Conductor >>

* Michelin’s 3D-printed tire is as stunning as it is futuristic >>
* The next version of Firefox will include support for VR >>
* YouTube roll out in-app video sharing and messaging to users worldwide >>

* DeepMoji AI that has used emoji to learn to detect sarcasm more effectively than HUMANS >>
* A Total Solar Eclipse Feels Really Really Weird >>
* Vive Studios releases MakeVR Pro 3D modeling software for serious creatives >>

* Drug-Carrying “Nanoswimmers” Could Slither Past the Brain’s Cellular Defenses >>
* Game-changing technology could save lives with a touch >>
* Pilotless planes could save airlines billions, but passengers don’t want to fly in them yet >>

* DirecTV Now adds CBS to its over-the-top TV service >>
* This doctor put a 3D printed skull bone into a man’s head. It could mark a new era. >>
* Netflix just made its first ever acquisition >>

* New Pac-Man like microbot can capture, transport single cells >>
* Game Of Thrones S05e5 Jon Snow Vs White Walkers Teased In East Preview >>

* Mysterious Military Spy Plane Circles Over Seattle for 2 Weeks >>
* Replace Your Electric Bill With A Flat-Rate, Monthly Subscription To Wind Power >>
* Room-temp Laser-on-CMOS Achieved >>

* A Quieter, Greener Way To Fly >>
* Startup Neurable Unveils the World’s First Brain-Controlled VR Game >>
* Hardware in the Loop Testing for Power Electronics Systems >>

* NASA funds $18.8 million to create and test fuel for nuclear thermal propulsion >>
* Pouch of stem cells implanted in trial to cure type 1 diabetes >>
* Slooh to Webcast Partial Lunar Eclipse Today Ahead of 2017 Solar Eclipse >>
* Look Everywhere, All the Time: New ‘Laser SETI’ Approach Unveiled >>

* The best apps and streaming services for students >>
* Martial arts reduce child and teen aggression >>
* Amazon Owns a Whole Collection of Secret Brands >>

* Asteroid family is as old as the Solar System itself >>
* The genes that rewrite the history of human evolution: DNA mutations reveal ‘tens of thousands’ more Neanderthals walked the Earth than first thought >>
* Scientists may have found a functional cure for type-1 diabetes >>

* Daydream Labs: Bringing 3D models to life >>
* The Mind-boggling Physics Of A Standing Double Backflip >>
* This is the best any ‘Grand Theft Auto’ game has ever looked >>

* Some employees are rumoured to hate the open floor plan at Apple’s new $5 billion campus >>
* France, Germany plan tax crackdown on US tech giants >>
* DirecTV Now strikes deal with CBS for more streaming programming >>

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