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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 4 August 2017

* High schooler makes 3D-printed, machine learning-powered eye disease diagnosis system >>
* The Secret Service wants to use a drone to protect Trump >>
* Physicists Capture The Elusive Neutrino Smacking Into An Atom’s Core >>

* A Fully Automated Science Lab Could Be Coming to NASA’s New Lunar Station >>
* Saturn moon Titan has chemical that could form bio-like ‘membranes’ says NASA >>
* Why Neuroscience Is the Key To Innovation in AI >>

* Solar cell lenses give these shades a charge >>
* Micro satellite launcher Vector flies first rocket from Spaceport Camden >>

* Mark Zuckerberg hires Clinton’s chief campaign strategist fueling further speculation >>
* Zuckerberg hires Clinton strategist, totally not running for president >>

* NASA Identifies 25 Gaps in Our Knowledge to Guard Earth Against Alien Life & Biological Contamination” >>
* Supernova! Our Solar System’s “Shocking” Origin Theory –“New Supporting Evidence” >>
* Solar cell lenses give these shades a charge >>

* DNA synthesis of virus and bacteria sequences could become a biological teleporter >>
* Molecular Movie Reveals Inner Workings of New Solar Cells >>
* Glaciers may have kept Earth from freezing >>

* CRISPR skin grafts could replace insulin injections for diabetes >>
* One day without notifications changes behaviour for two years >>
* Bitcoin cash may be a house of cards that’s going to come crashing down >>

* Nasas planetary protection officer will defend mars not earth >>
* Found, the virus killing molecule to take on colds >>
* This machine could help Musk whisk you from NY to DC in 29 minutes >>

* Scientists Use Light to Turn Off Autism Symptoms in Mice >>
* Cancer runs in my family, but now we can pick it up in time >>
* Hidden cancers detected by combining genetic tests with MRI >>

* Self-driving Cars Are Confusing Drivers—and Spooking Insurers >>
* Apple Caved To China, Just Like Almost Every Other Tech Giant >>
* How Machine Learning Is Helping Morgan Stanley Better Understand Client Needs >>

* Hubble Telescope Detects Stratosphere on Huge Alien Planet >>
* Kepler Spots The First Exomoon Candidate 4000 Light Years From Earth >>
* Japan’s restarted nuclear reactors in 20 months could produce 25-30% of world solar power >>

* Disney will show the sights, sounds and smells of ‘Star Wars’ in VR >>
* Android’s first serious augmented reality phone is finally here >>
* Building new missiles can and should be cheaper than overhauling old minuteman ICBMs >>

* DEFCON Hackers Found Many Holes in Voting Machines and Poll Systems >>
* Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence >>
* Fish embryos successfully cryopreserved, thawed and reanimated 10% of them >>

* Majorana fermion, a particle that’s its own antiparticle >>
* IBM increased magnetic tape density 165 million times over 60 years >>
* Tesla Model 3 to Driver: Look Me in the Eye >>

* Climate change is making our favorite carbs less nutritious >>
* These are the 20 fastest growing freelance skills in demand right now >>
* North Korea’s new ICBMs can reach most of the United States >>

* Cadillac’s Super Cruise ‘autopilot’ is ready for the expressway >>
* Teenage Whiz Kid Invents an AI System to Diagnose Her Grandfather’s Eye Disease >>
* HelloPlant tells you if your ficus is firsty >>

* Vector successfully launches prototype rocket for small satellites >>
* Meet the feature pavilion startups at Disrupt SF >>
* Facebook finishes its move to neural machine translation >>

* Elon Musk Already Installed Tesla Solar Roof >>
* IKEA is selling solar panels that don’t require DIY >>
* Microsoft Is Updating the Windows Console Colors For the First Time In 20 Years >>

* Record breaking fish killing ‘dead zone’ in Gulf of Mexico >>
* Amazon is pumping cash into its TV and film businesses with no guaranteed returns in sight >>
* Researchers identify neurons that control brain’s body clock >>

* Gene therapy via skin could treat many diseases, even obesity >>
* Amazon’s massive US jobs fair at a warehouse in Jersey, where people lined up hoping to score a job >>
* Star Wars VR Coming To Disney Resorts From The Void This Holiday >>

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