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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 August 2017

* Hyperloop One’s pod zoomed down at nearly 200 mph on its first ride >>
* IBM scientists have captured 330TB of uncompressed data into a tiny cartridge >>
* First human embryo editing experiment in U.S. ‘corrects’ gene for heart condition >>

* Ikea begins selling solar panels and home batteries >>
* Plex brings its Live TV streaming service to Apple TV and Android, adds time-shifting >>
* Inside Salesforce’s Quest To Bring Artificial Intelligence To Everyone >>

* Hackers Can Turn Amazon Echo Into a Covert Listening Device >>
* App could offer daily seizure forecast >>
* Robots with Their Heads in the Clouds >>

* A real hyperloop is almost here — and it’s not what Elon Musk envisioned >>
* Tesla reports a smaller loss than expected, says Model 3 production is on track to hit targets >>

* Men Will Lose The Most Jobs To Robots, And That’s Ok >>
* Leadership expert says every business team needs a Jobs and a Wozniak >>
* Samsung’s Quest to Mitigate the Battery Challenge >>

* Reinforcement learning for complex goals, using TensorFlow >>
* HP’s new Nvidia-powered backpack VR PC is designed for work, not play >>
* Why Elon Musk is a master of deception >>

* Re-Entry Vehicle Failed During North Korea’s 2nd ICBM Test, Video Suggests >>
* Not Alien Signals –FRB’s are Pulses from Dark-Matter Stars Captured by Supermassive Black Holes of Early Universe >>
* All Systems Go for James Webb Telescope –“A Great Milestone for the Next Epoch in Space Exploration” >>

* Hyperloop One’s next step is to test airlocks for pod entry and exit >>
* Physicists Take Big Step Towards Quantum Computing And Encryption With New Experiment >>
* What Is Ray Kurzweil Up To At Google? Writing Your Emails >>

* Snapchat wants to buy selfie drone company, report says >>
* Facebook will soon start ranking faster loading webpages higher in News Feed >>
* Companion Robots Are Here. Just Don’t Fall In Love With Them >>

* NASA Planetary Protection Officer to protect Earth from aliens >>
* Future Tech dominance – China outnumber USA STEM Grads 8 to 1 and by 2030 15 to 1 >>
* BITCOIN EXCHANGE: Orders for bitcoin cash are ‘exploding’ >>

* DNA cancer treatments could open the door to personalised bioweapons >>
* Solar Eclipse Charted for the Next 1,000 Years >>
* The truth behind the Facebook AI robot ‘inventing’ its own language >>

* Combining geoengineering approaches would keep constant temperatures and overall rainfall >>
* Russia buying a few stealth fighters in 2019 and waiting for upgraded version in 2025 >>
* US Army wants future tank with railguns, lasers, drone modes, and ultralight armor >>

* China shows new ICBM missiles and new airplanes >>
* Proof of concept lightsail material suitable for interstellar mission >>
* The New Wave Of Mindfulness Tech: Meditation VR >>

* Apple appears to be working on a yoga workout mode for Apple Watch >>
* In Breakthrough, Scientists Edit a Dangerous Mutation From Genes in Human Embryos >>
* RED’s Hydrogen gets the hands-on treatment >>

* Blue raises the bar for wireless audio with its Satellite headphones >>
* IBM Crammed An Insane 201gb of Data Into Just One Square Inch of Tape >>
* VR Is the Fastest-Growing Skill for Online Freelancers >>

* Virgin Orbit will test its rocket-launching plane in 2018 >>
* Team USA tests Eagle Prime ahead of its ‘Giant Robot Duel’ >>
* The Us Scientists Stepping Up To Run For Office >>

* Samsung’s giant 4K QLED TV costs $20,000 >>
* Mechanism Underlying the Origin of Life –“Order Can Arise from Nothing” >>
* US adding lasers and anti-aircraft missiles to armored vehicles >>

* DIY Pharmaceutical Revolution Is Coming—If It Doesn’t Kill Us First >>
* Jay Jacobs on data analytics and security >>
* IKEA’s selling home storage batteries for its solar panels >>

* CBS All Access has more new TV shows to join ‘Star Trek’ >>
* US fires Minuteman ballistic missile from California across the Pacific days after North Korea >>
* China’s first test of its anti-satellite missile capable of destroying enemy communications ends in destruction after the projectile ‘malfunctions’ >>

* We’ve used up all the natural resources the Earth can provide for 2017 and are now in ‘overdraft’ >>
* Aussies Win Amazon Robotics Challenge >>
* Star Wars: Episode IX is getting a new writer >>

* Google and MIT’s new machine learning algorithms retouch your photos before you take them >>
* 20 biggest games coming in the 2nd half of 2017 >>
* Galaxy Note 8’s supposed final specs have been leaked >>

* First Us Crispr-edited Embryos Suggest Superbabies Won’t Come Easy >>
* First results from US CRISPR gene editing on human embryos >>

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