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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 July 2017

* Sir Peter Jackson’s studio reveals augmented reality demo >>
* 3D printing precise titanium parts to replace bone for reconstructive surgery >>
* US team safely edits dozens of human embryos to correct disease causing genes >>

* Sunscreen made from DNA would last forever >>
* 100x Faster, 10x Cheaper: 3D Metal Printing Is About To Go Mainstream >>
* Spacex schedules risky Falcon Heavy rocket test for November >>

* Elon Musk rolls out Tesla’s Model 3 at splashy event >>
* Tesla’s first sleek Model 3s are on the road >>
* This “map” could change the way we treat cancer >>

* Hacker can turn web-connected car washes into horrible death traps >>
* Apple Bans VPNs From App Store in China >>
* Your Own Pacemaker Can Now Testify Against You In Court >>

* Meet McDonald’s newest and greatest invention: The McBoombox >>
* Storing Data in DNA Brings Nature into the Digital Universe >>
* From Rats To Humans, A Brain Knows When It Can’t Remember >>

* Google Launches Free Course on Deep Learning: The Science of Teaching Computers How to Teach Themselves >>
* Sony a7S II sends 4K video from the International Space Station to Earth >>
* Making the future work for everyone >>

* How AI can help make safer baby food (and other products) >>
* New solar panels with built-in batteries make off-grid living easy >>
* Lyme disease shot could offer 100% protection >>

* Amazon’s race to make Alexa smarter >>
* The Next Darwin? MIT Physicist Proposes Mechanism Underlying the Origin of Life >>
* NASA Seeks Information on Developing Deep Space Gateway Module >>

* Success against Alzheimers and Dementia in mice >>
* Laser SETI for whole sky at a time laser flashes from aliens >>
* Robot Mechanic Could Prevent Satellites from Becoming Space Junk >>

* The US Navy 3D printed a concept submersible in four weeks >>
* Signal from the First Moon Beyond Our Solar >>
* Wow! This Is What Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Would Look Like to You >>

* Saturn Moon Titan Has Molecules That Could Help Make Cell Membranes >>
* As Much as Half of the Milky Way Likely Came From Distant Galaxies >>
* Researchers shut down AI that invented its own language >>

* Scientists discover how the brain’s hypothalamus controls ageing – and manage to slow it down >>
* How scientists are manipulating the mind with VR >>
* Cassini Finds That Titan Is Building The Chemicals That Might Have Led To Life On Earth >>

* “NASA Scientists Find a Chemical Capable of Forming Cell Membrane” >>
* Stagnant Supercivilizations and Interstellar Travel >>
* Video Friday: Boston Dynamics, Inflatable Robots, and Japan’s Space Ball >>

* Artificial Photosynthesis Process Promises Highly Selective Carbon Dioxde Reduction >>
* North Korea fires another ICBM missile >>
* 2019 software fix for aircraft carrier electromagnetic launch problem >>

* Seymour Cray: The Man Who Brought Style to Supercomputers >>
* Technical progress towards interstellar laser beamed nanocraft>>
* Smallest fully functional space probes now in orbit are precursors to interstellar chipsats >>

* Spacex is now one of the most valuable private companies >>
* Navy funds Arizona for a Hypersonic wind tunnel >>
* Spintronic device that could eventually be 1000 times faster than current transistors >>

* 3D-Printed “Earable” Sensor Monitors Vital Signs >>
* Scientists are trying to treat autoimmune disease with intestinal worms >>
* We adjust the pitch of our voice based on the status of who we’re talking to >>

* Future surgeons might patch you up with synthetic slug secretions >>
* The world’s water quality might be in trouble >>
* Using eye smiles to predict the state of your whole face in VR >>

* iRobot’s CEO says the company never planned to sell Roomba home mapping data >>
* How to Score One of 50,000 New Jobs Opening Up at Amazon >>
* Samsung Ends Intel’s 2-decade-plus Reign in Microchips >>

* Japan Has CG Beer Salespeople in Its Supermarkets, And It’s Totally Not Weird >>
* India is Betting On Compulsory Internships To Improve Its Unemployable Engineers >>
* Watch the weird new trailer for Oculus’ first full-length VR movie >>

* How Microsoft plans to turn Azure into an ‘AI cloud’ >>
* Reading your emotions is the creepy next step for facial recognition >>
* WiFi Track Could Dramatically Improve VR >>

* The Mind-boggling Physics Of A Standing Double Backflip >>
* The Internet of Things is blossoming in India, and here’s why that matters >>
* A Search For Anti-aging Secrets Starts With The Blood Of 600 Estonians >>
* Scientists Genetically Engineer the World’s First Blue Chrysanthemum >>

* Gogoro’s solar-powered scooter battery charging station is here >>
* US self-driving car bill heads to the House floor >>
* Smart glasses let you turn off the lights in the blink of an eye >>

* Building blocks of alien cells found on Saturn’s largest moon >>
* Is this the earliest life on Earth? Pioneering laser technique reveals evidence of 3.7 BILLION-year-old microbes in jewel-studded rocks in Greenland >>
* Penis Microbes Linked to Increased Risk of HIV Infection >>

* Robots, Start Your Engines! >>
* Inventors create a ‘hydrophobic’ self-cleaning top that repels spills and dirt >>
* US healthcare repeal law struck down at the eleventh hour >>

* Elon Musk’s SpaceX is now worth $21 BILLION >>
* Rolls-Royce reveals its new Phantom >>
* Babies start to work out what other people like and can predict their behaviour at just eight months old >>

* ‘Smart’ water bottles are a thing now—should you buy one? >>
* New smart glasses let you get things done with the blink of an eye >>
* Foxconn plans ‘8K+5G’ displays at new U.S. plant >>

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