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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 July 2017

* First Human Embryos Edited in U.S. >>
* ‘Marjorie Prime’ imagines a world where AI keeps us from grieving >>
* Russian scientists put a defibrillator on a drone >>

* First exomoon might have been spotted 4000 light years away >>
* why-the-latest-advice-on-stopping-antibiotics-is-long-overdue >>
* Amazon’s plan to take over HEALTHCARE revealed >>

* Robotic Exoskeleton Adapts While It’s Worn >>
* End of train tickets? Facial recognition software that identifies passengers >>
* Bill Gates-backed veggie burger that ‘bleeds’ like beef is coming to grocery chain >>

* Windows 10 preview connects your Android phone to your PC >>
* Sneaky attacks trick AIs into seeing or hearing what’s not there >>
* DNA of long-dead cows read from pages of Medieval books >>

* Amazon Is Looking For A Few Good Robots To Stuff Boxes >>
* Why Zuckerberg and Musk Are Fighting About the Robot Future >>
* Smallest satellite ever paves way for planned interstellar fleet >>

* Ultracold molecules hold promise for quantum computing >>
* Amazon may be going head-to-head with Microsoft in healthcare >>
* Apple granted approval to test its 5G wireless technology >>

* What Will It Be Like To Have Robot Coworkers? >>
* You need to assemble a crack AI team: Where do you even start? >>
* Navy is preparing its railgun for the future of war >>

* It looks like we’re one step closer to creating genetically modified humans in a lab >>
* Scientists know how to make mice angry—but mice know how to keep their cool >>
* Military enforcing open design on Future lift helicopter replacements >>

* Jeff Bezos beats out Bill Gates to become world’s richest person >>
* Amazon’s earnings miss means Jeff Bezos is no longer world’s richest person >>
* Timekettle’s WT2 real-time translation earpieces enable ordinary conversation across language barriers >>

* Russia developing 200 kilowatt lasers and mounting them on combat icebreakers >>
* Christina Lampe-Onnerud Has A New Battery Design >>
* A Sagittarius Triplet >>

* Robotic Turtles With Raspberry Pi Brains Are Sniffing Out Land Mines >>
* Men’s sweet tooth may increase risk of anxiety and depression >>
* Half the atoms inside your body came from across the universe >>

* Study of tardigrade DNA pinpoints proteins that let them survive for up to 30 YEARS without food or water >>
* Slime from the common garden slug inspires a new ‘sticky plaster’ that helps internal wounds heal >>

* So how on earth are we going to power nine million electric cars >>
* Radical ship with solar panel ‘sails’ that rotate to face the sun to set sail next year >>
* Miniature spacecraft may reach Sun’s nearest neighbour in 20 years >>

* Scientists Build Dna From Scratch, Create New Bacteria >>
* Astronomers just captured the most intense type of cosmic explosion in unprecedented detail >>
* The first case of local Zika transmission in the continental US this year has been reported >>

* Researchers release first draft of a genome-wide cancer ‘dependency map’ >>
* CRISPR sheds light on rare pediatric bone marrow failure syndrome >>
* CEO controversy mars Arduino’s open future >>

* Hubble Sees Tiny Phobos Orbiting Mars >>
* Why Looking for Aliens Is Good for Society (Even If There Aren’t Any) >>
* NASA’s Cassini Mission –“May Have Found a Universal Driver for Life on Saturn’s Titan” >>

* Breakthrough Starshot ‘Sprites’ in Orbit >>
* Robots Could Act as Ethical Mediators Between Patients and Caregivers >>
* The Big Problem With Self-Driving Cars Is People >>

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