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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 July 2017

* The Rise Of Ai Is Forcing Google And Microsoft To Become Chipmakers >>
* Energy harvesting bracelet >>

* World’s first ‘self-cleaning house >>
* Roomba already maps your home. Now the CEO plans to sell that map. >>

* Musk and Zuckerberg bicker over the future of AI >>
* Musk vs. Zuck showdown over artificial intelligence >>
* Elon Musk says Mark Zuckerberg has ‘limited understanding’ of AI >>
* Artificial intelligence is not as smart as you (or Elon Musk) think >>

* Human antibodies produced in lab for first time >>
* Good News For Future Moon Bases. There’s Water Inside The Moon >>
* Prescription Video Games May Be The Future Of Medicine >>

* Helix’s Bold Plan To Be Your One Stop Personal Genomics Shop >>
* New gene editing screens thousands of genes at once for cancer and will scale to whole genome screening >>
* Microsoft Paint isn’t dead yet, will live in the Windows Store for free >>

* The Algorithm That Makes Preschoolers Obsessed With YouTube >>
* Facebook boosts live 360 video to 4K for better VR >>
* Qualcomm opens its mobile chip deep learning framework to all >>

* IBM’s X-Force to slip digits into IoT networks and connected cars >>
* This Ex-Googler’s Predictive Search Tool Could Change The Future Of Networking >>
* Sling Studio makes multi-camera video production so damn easy >>

* Toyota’s new solid-state battery could make its way to cars by 2020 >>
* China is launching an ‘unhackable’ quantum messaging service >>
* Watch how Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Spider-Man’ VR gloves actually work >>

* Microsoft commits to eliminating Flash support in Windows by 2020 >>
* Bigscreen VR app gets its biggest screen yet with latest update >>
* NASA wants your origami ideas for its spacecraft radiation shield >>

* MIT-developed plugin makes CAD changes ‘instant’ >>
* Agtech startup Prospera, which uses AI and computer vision to guide farmer >>
* DeepMind Develops AI With An Imagination >>

* Volcanoes Reveal Water Deep Inside the Moon >>
* Rare Quadruple Gravitational Lense Discovered “Forefront of Research in Cosmology” >>

* This company is repurposing old cell phones to save the rain forests >>
* Adobe accidentally leaks photo-editing app Project Nimbus >>
* Lego Boost can turn anyone into a robot genius >>

* How Long Is a Day on Saturn? Cassini Is Racing to Find Out in Its Final Months >>
* The Bread Lab in My Backyard >>
* U.S. Defense Budget May Help Fund “Hacking for Defense” Classes at Universities >>

* 42% of California’s STEM Workforce Hails From Outside the U.S. >>
* Smart Contact Lenses and Eye Implants Will Give Doctors Medical Insights >>
* This engineer has a wild plan to save coral reefs from climate change >>
* Get ready for GM supersoldiers: DARPA reveal project to develop gene editing system >>

* World’s First Floating Wind Farm Emerges Off Coast of Scotland >>
* 50 percent of NZ jobs gone in a decade, says Callaghan Innovation >>

* Nielsen to overhaul live TV ratings by tracking Hulu and YouTube viewers for the first time >>
* What DO you see? Scientists reveal stunning optical illusions that reveal the hidden workings of the brain >>

* 4D camera gives robots a wider view >>
* Our brains always plan one step ahead of our bodies when we walk >>

* These molecules hitch a ride to destroy cancer >>
* Great white sharks having their livers ripped out by orcas are on the rise because of conservation programmes >>

* At Comic-con This Year, The Biggest Stars Were The Moderators >>
* TV ratings will now include Hulu Live and YouTube TV >>
* Netflix will stream Matt Groening’s fantasy cartoon ‘Disenchanted’ >>
* The next James Bond has a release date — but no official announcement about Daniel Craig’s return >>
* ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14 Premiere Date Set With Two-hour Slot >>
* ‘Lucifer’ Season 3 Spoilers: Chloe And Dan Kiss, Are They Back Together? Tom Ellis Reveals Spoilers >>

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