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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 July 2017

* HoloLens: Microsoft promises AI chip for ‘on-device’ computer vision learning >>
* NASA backs deep space habitat made with old ISS cargo module >>
* Company to implant RFID chips into employees >>

* DARPA funding reconfigurable structures and new materials to go beyond Moore’s law >>
* Microsoft Paint To Be Killed Off After 32 Years >>

* Tiny robots swim the front crawl through your veins >>
* World’s first FLOATING wind farm is taking shape >>

* DNA Logic Gets Much Faster >>
* Quantum Cryptography System Breaks Daylight Distance Record >>
* Physicists Narrow Down Theories of Dark Matter >>

* Bespoke Processors: A New Path to Cheap Chips >>
* Harvard and MIT swarmbots, softbots, folding bots and more >>
* The moon might be hiding more water than we thought >>

* What sort of silicon brain do you need for artificial intelligence? >>
* This Ferrari Might Not Be So Far-out! >>

* Google releases the final Android O developer preview >>
* Anybody Can Fire This ‘locked’ Smart Gun With $15 Worth Of Magnets >>
* Is this the new fidget spinner? >>

* Ford’s 2018 Mustang GT can do 0-to-60 mph in under 4 seconds >>
* Elon Musk hints at changes to SpaceX’s Mars rocket >>
* AI May Soon Replace Even the Most Elite Consultants >>

* Tesco’s same-day grocery delivery option is going UK-wide >>
* Study: Indian monsoons have strengthened over past 15 years >>
* Three 1000 MWe nuclear reactors are nearing completion in China >>

* Tiny robot prowls water lines in search of leaks >>
* Nexar releases 55K street pics from 80 countries to spur autonomous driving >>
* Visualizing Tokyo’s Absurd Size >>

* A DNA App Store Is Here, but Proceed with Caution >>
* Helix’s Bold Plan To Be Your One Stop Personal Genomics Shop >>
* 20,000 genes sequenced for $80 with mobile app access >>

* Mark Zuckerberg slams Elon Musk’s negative AI predictions as ‘irresponsible’ >>
* US Navy latest test of electromagnetic railgun fires projectiles at 4,500mph, 100 miles away >>
* Robot spots signs of melted fuel at submerged Fukushima reactor >>

* The robot vacuum that maps your house >>
* Screaming gel balls reveal a way to power soft but noisy robots >>
* Wandering in the Void, Billions of Rogue Planets without a Home >>

* Scientists Can See Zika Coming by Tracking the Climate >>
* Google’s AI is ‘almost as good’ at creating stunning images as a professional photographer >>
* Monthly injections could replace daily pills for people with HIV >>

* Self-driving police car can track criminals and launch drones already being deployed in Dubai >>
* Google CEO Sundar Pichai joins Alphabet board >>

* Using predictive analytics to address bus bunching, keep people moving >>
* Scientists Spot Water-Rich Rocks on Moon >>
* Mice feel each other’s pain >>

* Should’ve called it Michael Phelps vs a Computer Simulation >>
* Michael Phelps never stood a chance in a race against a great white shark — here’s why >>
* Future of Airbus A380 said to hinge on Emirates order >>

* HoloLens 2.0 will include AI capabilities >>
* Microsoft’s next-generation HoloLens processor will feature an AI coprocessor >>
* HoloLens 2 will have a custom AI chip designed by Microsoft >>

* Comic-Con 2017 trailer round-up >>
* Game Of Thrones Recap Season 7, Episode 2: Nothing Is Certain >>
* New Apple ad does some voice-first education with The Rock and Siri >>
* The first full trailer for ‘Stranger Things’ season 2 teases an even bigger monster >>
* Doctor Who To Get Familiar New Companion Alongside Female Time Lord >>
* Doctor Who Brings Christmas Early >>

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