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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 July 2017

* Humans have created 9.1 billion tons of plastic >>
* SpaceX targets 24-hour first stage rocket re-use turnaround by 2018 >>
* Black hole power: How string theory idea could lead to new thermal-energy harvesting tech >>

* Ai Could Revolutionize War As Much As Nukes >>
* AI Can Help Patients Recover Ability to Stand and Walk >>
* Judge Dredd Mean Machine Implant Created for Persistent Aggression >>

* For First Time On-Chip Nanoantennas Enable High-Bit Rate Transmission >>
* The Nuclear Weapons Complexities >>
* Alphabet’s X announces Glass Enterprise Edition, a hands-free device for hands-on workers >>

* Calibration error in early Satellite sensors hid sea level rise >>
* Moon Express reveals lowest cost robotic planetary explorers >>
* Facebook launches comparison tool to prove Instant Articles beat mobile web >>

* Plan for a mostly water ice space station 90 times bigger than the ISS >>
* NASA Technologist proposes Acceleration Mechanics for New Propellant-less Space Drives >>
* Starship Congress presentations make the case for permanent moon colonization >>

* Self-driving robot AI company Brain Corp raises $114M >>
* Google’s New Feeds Show You The Internet You Want To See >>

* LinkNYC wifi kiosks could add augmented reality and more >>
* Fast, cheap method to make supercapacitor electrodes for cars and lasers >>
* Transform Customer Experiences by Harnessing the Power of AI in CRM >>

* NASA just caught a glimpse of the mysterious object New Horizons will reach in 2019 >>
* Plant-inspired soft robot grows to reach difficult places >>
* Hackers can take control of your Segway hoverboard >>

* Elon Musk clarifies that AI regulation should follow observation and insight >>
* Scientists Observe Gravitational Anomaly on Earth >>
* Engineered liver tissue expands after transplant >>

* Goodbye Google Now, hello new feed that obsessively track your interests >>
* Your Brain Doesn’t Contain Memories. It Is Memories >>
* Apple launches a machine learning blog to placate its researchers >>

* Scientists reveal smart children’s puzzle that NEVER runs out of batteries in toy breakthrough >>
* HIV breakthrough as researchers create incredible simulation that shows how the virus senses its environment and attacks cells >>

* Schools are Turning to Virtual Doctors for Sick Kids >>
* Blood test detects Alzheimer’s plaques building up in brain >>
* Robots are taking your jobs >>

* Future Space Colony? Maybe We Should Look Beyond Mars to Saturn’s Titan Moon >>
* Nine Ways We Might Discover and Interact With an Alien Civilization >>
* China’s First “Black Hole” Space Telescope –“Open to the World’s Scientists” >>

* “Water Universe” –Galaxy Recently Discovered Harbors 140 Trillion Times Water in Earth’s Oceans >>
* Ancient Impacts Shaped The Structure Of The Milky Way >>
* Map Collectors, Here’s A New Map Of Pluto! >>

* The 2017 Top Programming Languages >>
* Interactive: The Top Programming Languages 2017 >>
* Top Programming Languages 2017: Focus on Jobs >>

* Marissa Mayer wants to be a CEO again, but she says she isn’t in talks with Uber >>
* The ‘elevator of the future’ uses the same technology as Japan’s bullet train >>
* Living to 1,000 (with Aubrey de Grey) >>

* Folding robots: No battery, no wire, no problem >>
* 3D Printing of Metal that is 1000 times faster and 100 times lower cost >>
* Moon Express plans robotic missions in 2018, 2019 and 2020 >>

* Robotic exosuit enhances human performance >>
* Fene engineering stored a digital movie in the genomes of living bacteria >>
* Self-driving cars could hit US roads before federal laws are in place >>

* New Computer Model Suggests You Could Probably Outrun a T-Rex >>
* Elon Musk offers updates on Falcon Heavy, Dragon 2 and Mars mission >>
* This restaurant is using a virtual reality app to train its employees >>

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