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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 14 July 2017

* ‘World’s first robot lawyer’ now available in all 50 states >>
* I watched two robots chat together on stage at a tech event >>
* Vayyar launches 3D sensors that give self-driving cars interior awareness >>

* Why CAR T-cell immunotherapy is such a big deal for cancer treatment >>
* Jupiter’s Great Red Spot (Enhanced Color) >>
* The billionaires, and moguls arriving in Sun Valley, Idaho for Allen & Co.’s annual conference >>

* Robots and AI are going to make social inequality even worse, says new report >>
* AI And ‘Enormous Data’ Could Make Tech Giants Harder To Topple >>
* THE UNSETTLED; Living with no fixed address, but that doesn’t come without a cost. >>

* The AI that could make fusion power a reality: System can analyze plasma to help design safe reactors that harness the power of stars on Earth >>
* Juno Delivers Stunning New Views of Great Red Spot >>
* Swiss bank becomes first to offer bitcoin to its richest clients >>

* Facebook to launch $200 Oculus VR headset that DOESN’T need a phone or computer >>
* ‘Macho’ switch in the brain that makes men aggressive and more competitive is pinpointed for the first time >>
* Pinpointing the Brain’s Motivation Switch >>

* Laser turns water into alien ice in nanosecond >>
* Miniature human heart grown from RAT organs in breakthrough that could one day revolutionise transplants >>
* Robotic landers could start mining the moon as early as 2020 >>

* Scientists create a ‘kill-switch’ for the controversial Crispr gene-editing tool to prevent unwanted side effects >>
* Glove turns sign language into text for real-time translation >>
* Video stored in live bacterial genome using CRISPR gene editing >>

* Hyperloop go! Elon Musk’s radical pod completes first test run on a maglev track (but only reaches 70mph) >>
* Fears over easy-to-make biological weapons are raised after scientists revive an extinct relative of the smallpox virus using commercial DNA >>
* Fear of crime is CONTAGIOUS: Feeling unsafe is influenced more by friends’ attitudes than real rates of violence >>

* Mark Zuckerberg wants to meet you >>
* This game-changing fridge will brew coffee for you >>
* NASA captures video of sunspot with a core larger than Earth >>

* The First Attempt to Impeach Donald Trump Just Got Underway >>
* Ice shelf to Antarctica iceberg; What does it mean? >>
* Satellite Images Show A Trillion Ton Iceberg Broke Off Antarctica >>

* China tests self-sustaining space station in Beijing >>
* Computer that can read your body language >>
* Facebook Is Reportedly Building a VR Headset You Could Actually Afford >>

* Oculus has a $200 wireless VR headset in the works for 2018 >>
* Atomic Cloud Observations go beyond Heisenberg limits >>
* Google Play Music’s New Release Radio is available for all users >>

* This gadget tells you if you smell so others don’t have to >>
* Cortica teaches autonomous vehicles with unsupervised learning >>

* Apple is adding 3D lasers to the iPhone so we can all be AR zombies >>
* Scientists Upload A Galloping Horse Gif Into Bacteria With Crispr >>
* Super tiny drones will be made with computer chips that are 100 times more energy efficient >>

* It’s unlikely that the TRAPPIST-1 planets support life >>
* Judge allows pacemaker data to be used in arson trial >>
* Designer of the Nuclear Thermal Turbo Rocket is answering questions >>

* Neuroevolution: A different kind of deep learning >>
* Introduction to reinforcement learning and OpenAI Gym >>
* Here are the winners of the Google Cloud machine learning pitch-off >>

* NASA doesn’t have the money to land humans on Mars >>
* Smallest star ever found is the size of Saturn >>
* How to turn audio clips into realistic lip-synced video >>

* Xbox Live update makes co-op live streams a reality >>
* Artificial Intelligence Has Race, Gender Biases >>
* Netflix leads the streaming pack with 18 Emmy nominations >>

* BMW to include Skype for Business in-car via iDrive >>
* Afghan girls robotics team will compete in the US after all >>
* AI lawyer can help you with a thousand different legal issues >>

* Microsoft’s ‘talking camera’ app for the blind isn’t as magical as it sounds >>
* Hungry? There’s a robot for that at TC Disrupt SF >>
* Watch Hyperloop One ace its first full-system test inside a vacuum tube >>

* Concept of a Simulated Cosmos >>
* NASA’s Solar Observatory Films Rapidly-Growing Black Spot as It Rotates to Face Earth >>
* Young Japanese people are not having sex >>

* Google connects Home’s voice commands to your uploaded music >>
* China might not block personal VPNs after all >>
* Google Earth could become the next great social network >>

* Apple’s new headquarters was supposed to wrap up landscaping last month — here’s what it looks like now >>
* Net Neutrality Day of Action spurs millions to speak out for online freedoms >>

* The Fcc Says Net Neutrality Destroys Small Isps. So Has It? >>
* Jefferies gives IBM Watson a Wall Street reality check >>

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