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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 July 2017

* This hands-free toothbrush cleans your teeth for you >>
* Ai Is Making It Extremely Easy For Students To Cheat >>
* The Audi A8: the World’s First Production Car to Achieve Level 3 Autonomy >>

* Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day 2017 >>
* Microsoft is closing the digital divide between city and rural Americans >>
* Toyota launches venture capital fund targeting artificial intelligence startups >>

* Nuclear to Coal to Hydrogen: Sheldon Station Blazes a Trail >>
* Very small modular nuclear fission reactors for military and space applications >>
* CVPR 2017 >>

* How to ‘talk’ to your computer or car with hand or body poses >>
* Progress to growing capillaries >>
* College educated women unwilling to settle are freezing their eggs >>

* AI Can See America’s Wealth Inequality From Space >>
* First Object Teleported From Earth To Orbit >>
* Microsoft to employ unused TV channels to offer rural broadband >>

* Capitalism the Apple Way vs. Capitalism the Google Way >>
* DARPA awards $65 million to develop the perfect, tiny two-way brain-computer interface >>
* Researchers reveal update to Asimov’s laws they say would ’empower’ robots to make their own decisions to protect humans >>

* Tactile Traffic Maps Could Help Blind Pedestrians Navigate >>
* Worried about someone stealing your car? 360-degree dashcam sends alerts if someone is meddling and doubles up as an ACTION CAMERA >>
* Designer babies WILL NOT suffer serious complications >>

* Giving to others really DOES make you happier >>
* Melting ice may be making mountains collapse in Greenland >>
* Physicists Go Deep in Search of Dark Matter >>

* Astronauts on space stations exploring Mars are at risk of asthma, allergies and skin infections from hitchhiking fungi, reveals Nasa study >>
* ‘Biological annihilation:’ Earth’s 6th mass extinction is underway >>
* Melinda Gates ‘Deeply Troubled’ by Trump Cuts to Family Planning >>

* How a One-Man Team from California Won NASA’s Space Robotics Challenge >>
* Formula One tech makes Babypod five to ten times lighter than mobile incubators >>
* 2D Material Could Make Pseudocapacitors Charge in Milliseconds >>

* Yes, coffee drinkers seem to live longer. But don’t get too excited. >>
* Airbus looking at large drones, flying cars with tests starting 2023 >>
* Amazon’s delivery drone hive patent is an urban planning nightmare >>

* The Mars Death Zone –“Red Planet’s Surface Found Too Toxic for Life” >>
* “A First”–Scientists Observe Extreme Ice Found in Otherworldly Environments >>
* Unknown Origin of Fast Radio Bursts in the Universe >>

* Exclusive: Inside Airbus’ Modular Plane Concept, Transpose >>
* Online harassment keeps getting worse, study shows >>
* Tesla is building more service centers alongside Model 3 launch >>

* NATO Unveils JANUS, First Standardized Acoustic Protocol for Undersea Systems >>
* A.C. Slater hosts ex-reality stars playing competitive Candy Crush. What? >>
* Windows Phone Dies Today >>
* Aerial photos show how friggin’ huge Tesla’s Gigafactory is >>

* Here’s how to track the hottest deals on Amazon Prime Day >>
* Would You Buy the iPhone 8 If It Cost $1,200? >>
* Prime Day 2017’s best smart home deals >>

* How economics became a religion >>
* China’s Amazing Alien Search –The Real Story Behind FAST, Earth’s Largest Radio Telescope >>
* Mk Player360 Turns Your Room Into A 360-Degree Media Screen >>

* Newly Launched RE:NEW Is Your Portal To Virtual Reality Wellness Apps >>

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