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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 July 2017

* If Earth Were 50 Percent Larger, We Might Be Stuck Here >>
* Building a Battery-Free Cellphone >>
* Researchers reconstituted an extinct poxvirus for $100,000 using mail-order DNA >>

* Machine Reasoning Gets a Boost With This Simple New Algorithm >>
* AI determines that more educated residents and not raw income improves neighborhoods >>

* Roomba Inventor Joe Jones on His New Weed-Killing Robot >>
* Optical Telescope Will Seek Sources of Gravitational Waves >>
* Underwater Robots Learn a New Language, JANUS >>

* Self-Driving Ambulances, AR Crime Scenes: Welcome To Future Of First Response >>
* AI vision can determine why neighborhoods thrive >>

* Movie tie-in VR experiences are getting more and more common. >>
* Google Funds A Team Of Robot Journalists >>
* Trump discussed forming “impenetrable” cyber security unit with Russia >>

* Breakthrough high temperature ceramic for hypersonic planes and much more >>
* China all electric rim-driven shaftless ultraquiet submarine propulsion >>

* 30% of energy sent to Earth bounces back into outer space. Climate change could upend that. >>
* Four far-out plans for taming our weather >>
* Personalized vaccines could help the immune system fight cancer >>

* SENS antiaging progress >>
* Vp Pence Vows Return To The Moon, Boots On Mars During Ksc Visit >>
* Cloud Kings: ‘Geostorm’ Film Imagines Human-Controlled Weather >>

* Milky Way Harbors 100 Billion Brown Dwarf Objects –“Relatively Close to the Sun” >>
* Spacex Falcon 9 Dazzles Delivering ‘epic’ Intelsat Dth Tv Comsat To Orbit For America’s >>

* Radical new vertically integrated 3D chip design combines computing and data storage >>
* Private clinics are peddling untested stem cell treatments — it’s unethical and dangerous >>
* NASA is about to fly over Jupiter’s biggest storm for the first time >>

* Computer that reads body language >>
* Researchers create a ‘battery-free’ mobile phone >>
* Tracking humans in 3D with off-the-shelf webcams >>

* Elon Musk is concerned about peak population of developed countries >>
* DARPA’s LUKE Arm, Human Support Robot, and Starting a Robotics Company >>

* Your anti-virus software is not enough >>
* Apple’s new iPhone may deliver wireless charging, but it might not make the launch, report says >>
* Elderly Drivers In Japan Could Be Limited To Vehicles With Automatic Braking >>

* Data Supercharges Billion-dollar Boats In The World’s Fastest Sailing Race >>
* TrueFace.AI busts facial recognition imposters >>
* Tesla to build giant battery in Australia amid energy crisis >>

* Comma.ai wants you to hack your own car >>
* In NASA speech, Mike Pence shoots for the Moon (and Mars) >>
* Robots will charge Volkswagen EVs so you don’t have to >>

* Converging on cancer at the nanoscale >>
* Nuclear facility hacks remain fairly superficial for now, say DHS and FBI >>
* Massive Database of 182,000 Leaves Is Helping Predict Plant Family Trees >>

* Patterns in Earth’s Magnetic Field Morph Every 1000 Years –“The Reason is a Mystery” >>
* NASA Reviews Options for Dawn Extended Mission >>
* Google Earth Live: Explore.org invites you to hang out with Alaskan Brown Bears >>

* Milky Way could have at least 100 billion larger brown dwarf stars >>
* Multi-colored photons from off the shelf components can make vastly more powerful quantum systems >>

* The Human Army Using Phones To Teach Ai To Drive >>
* Banks Deploy Ai To Cut Off Terrorists’ Funding >>
* Saturn’s largest moon has enough energy to run a colony >>

* Could Pirate TV Box Users Be Prosecuted For Fraud? >>
* Google’s New Startup Heats Your Home With Energy From Your Lawn >>
* Algorithm spots abnormal heart rhythms with doctor-like accuracy >>

* Elon Musk just gave us our first real look at the Tesla Model 3 >>
* Kiwi tech company helps with safe nuclear waste disposal >>
* Fingervision is robot skin made from cheap, off-the-shelf components >>

* Here’s What It’s Actually Like to Be a Woman in VR >>
* Why Starbreeze Studio Is Pursuing A ‘Crazy’ Vision For Arcade-Scale VR >>
* Self-driving cars must learn trust and cooperation >>

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