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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 July 2017

* Water droplets were animated in midair to create a life-sized human figure for an ad >>
* Measuring the vibrations of runners’ strides could help prevent muscle injuries >>
* Laser device zaps air to detect harmful gas >>

* Cars that coordinate with people >>
* Chip hall of fame – Stories of greatest and most influential microchips in history >>
* Mobile devices are changing the way we fight climate change. >>

* “Mind Reading” Technology to Decode Complex Thoughts >>
* Study finds hackers could use brainwaves to steal passwords >>
* Watch SpaceX launch its third Falcon 9 rocket in less than two weeks >>

* IBM has made Carbon nanotubes transistors smaller and faster than silicon >>
* Origins for Life “Prepackaged” in Infant Star Systems –ALMA Observatory >>

* Workflow of AI researcher has been quite different than a software developer. Peter Norvig explores how the two can come together. >>
* Amy Unruh demonstrates Google Cloud machine learning APIs and highlights OSS TensorFlow models. >>
* Evolve AI Naveen Rao explains how Intel Nervana is evolving the AI stack from silicon to the cloud. >>
* Tuomas Sandholm explains how domain-independent algorithms are being applied to a variety of imperfect-information games, like poker. >>

* Hypersonic and anti-hypersonic arms race >>
* Shaping Smarter Cities >>
* Video Friday: Crashen Hoppers, Gimball Games, and a Fake Moon Landing >>

* Modeling of Complex Ultrasonic Motors for Controller Design >>
* The Moral Question That Stanford Asks Its Bioengineering Students >>

* Adobe releases analytics tools for conversational AI >>
* Magenta: Machine learning and creativity >>

* Unity is the little game engine that could revolutionize animated movies >>
* 10-fold speed up for the reconstruction of neuronal networks >>

* Homo Sapiens Origin at least 300,000 years ago based on new fossils >>
* Evidence of Hidden dimensions could be revealed with high frequency gravitational wave detectors >>

* Graphene dialysis membrane 10x faster at filtering will become 100x times faster >>
* This telephoto lens adds 8x zoom to your smartphone camera >>
* Robotics team from Afghanistan denied visas for a U.S. competition >>

* Actually, The iPhone May Not Look Much Different In 2027 >>
* Twitter to stream live coverage of Wimbledon and Comic-Con >>
* Snapchat bought the AR location intellectual property of startup Drop >>

* Toyota’s new robot is a gentle, helpful companion for paralyzed veteran >>
* Toyota’s cute support robot completes its first US in-home test >>
* This country is taking the fight against Facebook to the next level >>

* MIT CSAIL research offers a fully automated way to peer inside neural nets >>
* Lenovo VR180 camera follows Google’s lead >>
* Facebook is rolling out its ‘Find Wi-Fi’ feature worldwide >>

* Peek into unseen spaces with this tiny endoscopic camera >>
* Ford realizes it should have an AI and robotics team >>
* What Is a Pre-existing Condition? >>

* Elon Musk says The Boring Company’s first car elevator is nearly operational >>
* What Interacting With Robots Might Reveal About Human Nature >>
* Japan wants to put a man on the moon before China does >>

* Elon Musk’s first tunnel should be up and running next week >>
* The Army is flight testing helicopter-mounted laser weapons >>
* Elon Musk’s Chicago Tunnel Makes A Dumb Idea Even Dumber >>

* IBM’s Watson will analyze Wimbledon to suggest the best matches >>
* Why a company is recycling old coffee grounds to make bed sheets >>
* Microsoft partners with Token on biometric ring for logging into Windows 10 >>

* Inside the ISIS drone factory: Seized Mosul warehouse reveals the jihadis’ crude reconnaissance planes and deadly four-wheeled robot bombs >>
* Synthetic fingerprints make plastic particles tiny security keys >>
* NASA’s Dart mission will crash into an asteroid at speeds nine times faster than a bullet to knock it off course >>

* Sun’s gravity could power interstellar video streaming >>
* Facebook tweak News Feed algorithm to crack down on ‘superspammers’ who post more than 50 links a day >>
* Fighting climate change could trigger a massive financial crash >>

* NASA Seeks Nuclear Power for Mars >>
* Apple WILL launch its own self driving car and could partner with rental firms to take on Uber and Google, analysts claim >>
* I tried Nest’s new face-detecting security camera—here’s what I thought >>

* The AI artist that can create its own painting style >>
* Automation saved this American manufacturer >>
* Robots may not be taking your job after all >>

* Anki Makes Programming Easy with Drag and Drop Coding >>
* Neutrinos as drivers of supernovae >>
* SpaceCom Conference: Interest Up as Registration Opens >>

* China Long March 5 Y2 launch failed >>
* Boosting interstellar communication to a laser pushed sail probe to multiple megabits per second >>

* Artificial intelligence revolutionising everyday tasks >>
* Finally, a way to turn your smartphone into a universal remote >>

* Researchers create temperature sensor that runs on almost no power >>
* Creating maps that reflect indigenous geography >>
* What It’s Like To Control A Predator Drone >>

* Someone just bought R2-D2 for over $2 million >>
* Ai Will Make Forging Anything Entirely Too Easy >>
* NSA ‘Traffic Shaping’ Can Divert US Internet Traffic For Easier Monitoring >>

* 13 Views of Sensors Expo 2017 >>
* 10 Amazing Things Scientists Just Did with CRISPR >>
* Bryson on Why Robots Should Be Slaves >>

* Controlling a single brain chemical may help expand window for learning language and music >>
* Scientists find mechanism behind precise spinal cord development >>
* Dual-arm construction robot with remote-control function >>

* The gene behind follicular lymphoma >>
* PHOTO OF THE WEEK: A Dizzying View Of A Bicycle Graveyard In China >>
* Quantum Computing: Scientists “Flip” Electrons With Microwaves >>

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