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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 28 June 2017

* Human Cell Atlas Opens a New Window to Health and Disease >>
* MIT’s new drones switch between flying and driving for optimal urban transport >>
* Oneweb building High-Volume Satellite Manufacturing Facility >>

* Spacex had two successful launches in weekend and has new titanium fins to handle indefinite number of flights >>
* Drones to the Rescue >>

* Progress to stable laser propelled sails >>
* Want to Make Sure Your Teen Doesn’t Exceed the Speed Limit? Tell Your Car to Do That for You >>

* If EMdrive is real and scales with Q factor then we get almost Star Trek level Technology >>
* Ultra-Thin Camera Without Lenses uses optical phased array >>
* Ferroelectric Domain Wall Memory Shows Its Promise >>

* Scientific studies favor male mice—and that could hurt a lot of humans >>
* How scientists modeled a deadly tornado with an insanely powerful computer >>
* Forget Coal: Asteroid Mining Is Coming Sooner Than You Think >>

* How to survive a tsunami >>
* Virtual Reality Is the Future of Shopping >>
* London is the second city to get free gigabit WiFi kiosks >>

* Drones that can both drive and fly could mean a lot for flying cars >>
* China’s All-Seeing Surveillance State Is Reading Its Citizens’ Faces >>
* Aston Martin’s all-electric supercar launches in 2019 >>

* ‘Tinder for friends’ uses AI to block flirty messages >>
* When AI Becomes the New Face of Your Brand >>
* Snapchat maps can figure out what you’re doing and it’s either cool or creepy >>

* Sony’s unorthodox take on AI is now open source >>
* Amazon Robots Poised To Revamp How Whole Foods Runs Warehouses >>
* 50 Smartest Companies 2017 >>

* Sony to demo 3D face biometric running on an Xperia smartphone >>
* Amazon is turning every Echo device into an intercom >>
* Apple just released the first iOS 11 beta to everyone >>

* Jeff Bezos plans Alabama rocket engine factory to take on Elon Musk’s SpaceX in battle of the billionaires >>
* The most pointless invention yet? Robot ‘Spidget Finner’ >>
* Can we count on utopian dreamers to change the world? >>

* Forget cleaning your clothes, this hanger does it for you >>
* Blood Tests Allow for Scalpel-Free Biopsies >>
* Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2017 >>

* Marisa Mayer is among the candidates to replace fired Uber CEO >>
* HMS Queen Elizabeth is ‘running outdated Windows XP’, raising cyber attack fears >>
* Google’s giant penalty: The internet reacts >>

* Grocery is the first frontier for delivery technology >>
* Hollywood movie studios are concerned they are being short-changed on box office sales from China >>

* China’s Powers Up X-Ray Detectors That Will Scan the Milky Way to Map Black Holes and Neutron Stars >>
* NASA Monitoring the Massive Ice Sheet That’s Adding 250 Gigatonnes of Water to Ocean Per Year >>
* Virtual Trolls >>

* China Plans Beijing-Based “Science City” of World-Class Institutions >>
* Confirmation of orbiting supermassive black holes >>

* 5 science-backed signs you might be smarter than average >>
* Researchers find brain region that affects drug use habits >>
* Graphene ribbons result in 100-fold increase in gold catalyst’s performance >>

* Use of machine learning to design optimal nanostructures to control heat current in materials >>
* Neuron-integrated nanotubes to repair nerve fibers >>
* Researchers present a new method of 3D-plasmon tomography >>

* Expert Panel Debunks AI Hype Neural networks seen as huge but limited >>
* Moore’s Law’s End Reboots Industry CMOS scaling is ‘not dead, just resting’ >>

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