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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 June 2017

* MIT and Google researchers have made AI that can link sound, sight, and text to understand the world >>
* Cities vie to become hubs of self-driving technology >>
* ‘Avatar 2’ Movie Will Be 3d But Will Not Require 3d Glasses >>

* The Real Threat of Artificial Intelligence >>
* Could the universe itself be conscious ? >>
* Present Futures: Universal Basic Assets and The History and Future of Space Travel Guest >>

* NASA Poised to Discover Alien Life –“We are On the Verge of Making One of the Most Profound Discoveries in History” >>
* SpaceX Dragon and Falcon 9 Rocket Photobomb Each Other’s Selfies in Space >>
* Transforming How Troops Fight in Coastal Urban Environments >>

* WhatsApp is becoming a top news source in some countries >>
* Watch SpaceX launch 10 satellites into orbit with a Falcon 9 live right here >>
* Tristan Walker launches FORM to make it easier for women of color to manage their hair >>

* The new space race: why we need a human mission to Mars >>
* The Best Action Movies on Netflix Streaming >>
* Airbus Conquers Physics With A Funky Super-fast Helicopter >>

* Fun with Gravitational Waves >>
* Could Asteroids Bombard the Earth to Cause a Mass Extinction in 10 Million Years? >>
* Regulators scramble to stay ahead of self-driving cars >>

* We’re one step closer to getting cheaper, faster internet from space >>
* Facebook wants to nudge you into ‘meaningful’ online groups >>
* Hacker group Anonymous claims Nasa is on the verge of announcing alien life >>

* launches livestreaming, some free advice on how to make money >>
* ‘Lucifer’ Season 3: Fall Premiere Date Confirmed, Tom Ellis Reveals New Adversary >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 June 2017

* ISS Researchers Will Experiment on Artificial Organs >>
* As drought looms, could this team of scientists prove cloud seeding works? >>
* IBM-powered DNA sequencing could find bacteria in raw milk >>

* Don’t Fall For The ‘memory’ Pills Targeting Baby Boomers >>
* Andrew Ng announces, his new venture after leaving Baidu >>

* IBM is working with the Air Force Research Lab on a TrueNorth 64-chip array >>
* These AI-generated people will haunt you forever >>
* Google Unveils An Ai Investment Fund. It’s Betting On An App Store For Algorithms. >>

* Germany’s biggest industrial robotics company is working on consumer robots >>
* Solving the Scorching Mystery of the Sun’s Erupting Plasma Jets >>
* Bulgariasat-1 Blazes To Orbit On Used Spacex Falcon 9 Rocket As Breakthrough Booster Lands 2nd Time On Oceanic Platform >>

* Lunar Laser Link: Virtual Reality from the Moon >>
* US Air Force buying IBM 64 million neuron computer >>
* SpaceX Set for Second Falcon 9 Launch in Three Days >>

* Tactile sensor lets robots gauge objects’ hardness and manipulate small tools >>
* Elon Musk Rapidly Climbing to Richest Person >>
* Here’s what happens when lightning doesn’t hit the ground >>

* Sonicam Makes You The Spielberg Of Vr >>
* Say Hello To The World’s First Eye-phones! >>
* VR For The Masses? That’s YouTube’s Goal With A New Format And New Tools >>

* State Legislators Want Surveillance Cameras To Catch Uninsured Drivers >>
* The Best Documentaries On Netflix Streaming >>
* YouTube’s 2017 lineup of Red Originals includes six new shows >>

* YouTube Claims 1.5 Billion Monthly Users >>
* YouTube’s mobile app will adjust to display videos of any size >>
* These AI-generated people will haunt you forever >>

* An algorithm customizes exoskeletons to fit a person’s needs >>
* A new supercomputing-powered weather model may ready us for Exascale >>
* The best wireless outdoor home security camera >>

* Satellogic raises $27M for affordable, high-resolution imaging satellites >>
* The next video game controller is your voice >>
* Watch SpaceX launch a re-used Falcon 9 rocket live right here >>

* The Missing Link: Where Are Medium-Size Black Holes? >>
* ‘Hyperloop Hotel’ Could Be the Future of Luxury Travel >>

* Beam-Riding and Sail Stability >>
* Snake Rovers Might Be The Best Way To Explore The Surface And Tunnels On Mars >>
* Hubble Finds A Dead Galaxy That Was Finished Making Stars Just A Few Billion Years After The Big Bang >>

* Cable free elevator has been built and it will boost capacity and cut wait times in half >>
* How I Built an AI to Sort 2 Tons of Lego Pieces >>
* Is the tech bubble about to burst? >>

* Riding in a Robocar That Sees Around Corners >>
* What Does Your Smart Meter Know About You? >>
* Google on track to make quantum computer faster than classical computers within 7 months >>

* Quantum Annealer 10,000 times faster than classical computers by 2023 >>
* Terrestrial Energy begins siting study for commercial Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor >>
* Aims to Shake Up Auto Insurance With AI and the Blockchain >>

* The future of the Air Force is fighter pilots leading drone swarms into battle >>
* Recycled Falcon 9 rocket survives one of SpaceX’s most challenging landings yet >>
* Don’t get too hyped about ‘Planet 10’ just yet >>

* A 3D-printed bridge is being built using reinforced concrete >>
* Google says it will make a quantum computing breakthrough by the end of 2017 that could lead to machines capable of answering mind-boggling scientific problems >>
* Elon Musk’s Tesla electric car firm is developing a music streaming service for use in its vehicles to rival Spotify and Apple Music >>

* New skin patch is developed that can power a radio for two days using only human SWEAT >>
* Amazon considers multi-story hives for its busy drones >>
* Game of Thrones’s 7th season kicks off on July 16th. Here’s how to prepare. >>

* NASA’s CHESS rocket to study interstellar clouds >>
* Mystery behind ‘bright nights’ solved >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 June 2017

* Are Telepresence Robots the Best Way to Explore Other Worlds? >>
* E-Mosquito Drinks Your Blood to Keep You Healthy >>
* Knuckles, Valve’s innovative new controller, solves a big problem in VR >>

* Near term technology for global big brother >>
* Monitoring the world with microsatellites and open source data >>
* Watch This Robot Navigate Like a Rat >>

* Quick-Thinking AI Camera Mimics the Human Brain >>
* Volunteers teach AI to spot slavery sites from satellite images >>

* Scientists may have solved a key barrier to fusion power >>
* Tech Metaphors Are Holding Back Brain Research >>
* Brain-Invading Tapeworm That Eluded Doctors Spotted by New DNA Test >>

* Valve’s ‘Knuckles’ VR controller tracks individual fingers >>
* Google Glass gets its first update in nearly three years >>
* Shut Up About the Batteries: The Key to a Better Electric Car Is a Lighter Motor >>

* Two drones see through walls in 3D using WiFi signals >>
* Optimize your WiFi network with NetSpot >>
* A hotter planet might make hurricanes more destructive >>

* An updated design for TED Talks >>
* Why The Military And Corporate America Want To Make AI Explain Itself >>
* Cities Full Of Autonomous Vehicles Could End Up Less Machinelike–And More Human >>

* Mars Rover’s AI is really good at selecting rocks to analyze >>
* Tesla said to be in talks to create its own streaming music service >>
* A man played AR ‘Super Mario Bros.’ in Central Park and no one thought it was weird >>

* Are you forgetful? That’s just your brain erasing useless memories >>
* The Curious Case of the Warped Kuiper Belt –“Is There an Earth-Sized Planet Far Beyond Pluto?” >>

* NASA –Artificial Intelligence is Changing How We Explore Mars & Beyond >>
* Deadly “Killer” Heat Threatens 30% of World’s Population –“Will Reach 74% by 2100” >>

Is It Time to Rethink How We Search for Alien Life? >>
Let’s Clean Up The Space Junk With Magnetic Space Tugs >>
Jerry Nelson, Designer of the Segmented Telescope, Dies at 73 >>

* Self-driving shuttles are coming to the University of Michigan >>
* High Above Mars, a NASA Orbiter Spies the Curiosity Rover >>
* ‘Lensless camera’ could FINALLY give us flat smartphones without a jutting camera nub >>

* Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s new mission: Bring the world closer together >>
* 5 smart gadgets that make household chores easier >>
* Google launched its own job search engine — here’s how it works >>

* Stephen Hawking working on spacecraft that could reach ‘Second Earth’ in 20 years >>
* Automakers are whacking the companies that make parts that go into their cars >>

* ABBYY’s new version of TextGrabber is a super useful OCR and translation app >>
* The e-Mosquito bites you to monitor glucose levels >>
* YouTube Launches VR Creator Lab To Help 360 Filmmakers >>

* One-size-fits-all exosuits don’t work: we need exo-tailoring >>
* The European Space Agency Will Launch Laser-Bots to Study Ripples in Spacetime >>

* Amazon is prepping Echo Show for launch with visual Alexa cards >>
* BabelOn is trying to create Photoshop for your voice >>
* You may be jailed for telling someone to ‘die in a fire’ >>

* The rise of the robot pram >>
* Supersonic Bloodhound SSC to begin speed tests >>
* Meet Erik Finman, the kid who won a $1m bet with his parents >>

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