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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 22 June 2017

* AI film editor can cut scenes in seconds to suit your style >>
* Sheryl Sandberg ‘is being pushed as next CEO of Uber >>
* Intel is bringing 5G, drones, and VR to the Olympics in 2018 >>

* Fixing Uber Will Require More Than Ousting Its Leader >>
* Namaste from your Google Assistant >>

* Stephen Hawking: Humans Should Ride a Beam of Light to Other Planets >>
* The Human Brain Project Reboots: A Search Engine for the Brain Is in Sight >>
* Adorable driverless bus will soon be making stops at the University of Michigan >>

* Researchers take the piss with pee-powered liquid energy project >>
* The Snap Map is another way to stalk your pals in real time >>

* Super Mario Bros. Level Recreated In AR By HoloLens Developer >>
* Akamai’s biometric study reveals the obvious: We ‘hate, hate, hate’ crappy video streams >>

* Why go to Mars when you can telecommute there instead? >>
* The Curiosity rover and other spacecraft are learning to think for themselves >>
* Genetically engineered fungus knocks out deadly mosquitoes using scorpion toxins >>

* You won’t have to leave behind pizza if you move to Mars, says Elon Musk >>
* Global Race Toward Exascale Will Drive Supercomputing, AI to Masses >>
* Google’s AI subsidiary DeepMind is partnering with another UK hospital >>

* Plotting a Moore’s Law for Flexible Electronics >>
* IBM supercomputers will power global weather forecasts >>
* Deceleration of runaway electrons paves the way for fusion power >>

* Henry Markram Talks Brain Simulation >>
* B612 Studying Smallsat Missions to Search for Near Earth Objects >>
* Regulation could stifle growing China-US venture activity >>

* SES’s AMC-9 Satellite Drifting After Anomaly >>
* PLATO: Planet Hunting Mission Officially Adopted >>
* The Family Tree of Exoplanets Has Just Divided Into Two Branches >>

* Lisa Is On! Gravitational Wave Detection Is Going To Space >>
* An Astronomical Detective Tale And The Moon Of 2007 Or10 >>
* The Unaffordable Urban Paradise >>

* $6,000 of Electronics in Car by 2022 >>
* Uber Founder Travis Kalanick Resigns as C.E.O. >>
* Yes, Uber has lost ridership to Lyft during this crisis >>

* Guiding brain tumor surgery with nanoprobes >>
* What happens to your body during panic attacks, and how to deal with them >>
* US may build one aircraft carrier every three years and no new Russian carriers >>

* Enjoy your morning smoothie without waking up your neighborhood with this smart blender >>
* An elegant solution to the convex hull problem >>
* New technique makes brain scans better >>

* ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ hits Netflix July 18th >>
* Star Wars’ Han Solo Spinoff Directors Quit In the Middle of Shooting >>
* Want to learn machine learning in 15 minutes? Start here… >>

* This handy robot will iron your clothes so you don’t have to >>
* You have to be over 55-years-old to work for this tech start-up >>
* Study Finds Yoga Works As Well As Physical Therapy For Back Pain >>

* Japanese scientists create an algorithm that can make any image appear as if it is FLOATING in a mesmerising optical illusion >>
* Airbus reveals radical 250mph ‘Racer’ helicopter with wings, propellors AND a rotor >>
* Forgetting irrelevant details helps you make the decisions that really matter >>
* Reverse Engineering Mysterious 500-Million-Year-Old Fossils That Confound Our Tree of Life >>

* 1 in 3 humans harbors this sneaky parasite >>
* Watch the Human Brain Come to Life in This Stunning Piece of Art >>
* Wear a swim cap full of coffee grounds for surgery? >>

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