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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 21 June 2017

* Aerospike Engine Was Considered For Shuttle, But Never Flew. That’s About To Change >>
* These drones with Wi-Fi have X-ray vision >>
* Amazon Prime Wardrobe will let you try on clothes before you buy them >>

* Lenovo just blew our minds with this bendable laptop concept >>
* Microsoft’s latest experimental app adds voice dictation to Office >>
* South Korea wants its own Hyperloop for high-speed transit >>

* The Everything Store Expands >>
* Boeing claims hypersonic passenger commercial planes will be operating within ten to twenty years >>
* Russian hypersonic missile needs to have movement to live up to threat hype >>

* Crystal ‘domain walls’ may lead to tinier electronic devices >>
* When Innovation Moves Too Fast >>
* Microsoft launches a new AI startup program at Station F in Paris >>

* HuMoTech’s robotic feet make it easier to test drive a bunch of different prosthetics >>
* Using a 3D render as a French ID card ‘photo’ >>
* Boom has orders for 76 of its future supersonic passenger jets >>

* Cancer doctors are turning to AI for a second opinion >>
* Holographic Waveguides: What You Need To Know >>
* CRISPR Pioneer Jennifer Doudna On Gene Editing’s Potential For Good And Evil >>

* Elon Musk runs two huge companies by breaking his day into 5-minute slots >>
* Amazon just got one step closer to crushing America’s biggest clothing stores >>
* When AI Can Transcribe Everything >>

* Google launches its AI-powered jobs search engine >>
* Google can turn an ordinary PC into a deep learning machine >>
* Lab-grown cartilage mimics the real thing >>

* Bird-flu-pandemic-looms-but-the-us-is-holding-back-the-fight >>
* Smart doll fitted with AI chip can read your child’s emotions >>
* Facebook’s AI bots accidentally invent a new LANGUAGE while training to negotiate with one another >>

* Udacity’s latest Nanodegree will teach React >>
* Inside the $20 million plan to take drone racing mainstream >>
* Amazon Echo will turn yellow when you get a voice or text message >>

* Nasa Announces 10, That’s Right 10! New Planets In Their Star’s Habitable Zone >>
* Red Dots Mission: The New Hunt for Earth-Like Planets Orbiting Nearby Red Dwarf Stars –“Could Harbor Life a Billion Years Older Than Earth’s” (VIDEO) >>
* Multitasking: Why Do We Do It? >>

* Tim Cook Told Trump Tech Employees Are ‘Nervous’ About Immigration >>
* 3D Printed Airliner Parts Face Regulatory Headwinds >>

* See how recycled rare Earth magnets are a huge leap toward a cleaner future >>
* This video of Boeing’s new planes >>
* HTT signs on South Korea to build a full-scale Hyperloop system >>

* NASA Tests Flexible Roll-Out Solar Arrays on Space Station (Video) >>
* 8 new skills you can learn by watching YouTube >>
* 21 Books That Changed Science Fiction And Fantasy Forever >>

* Uber is adding tipping in app after intense driver unrest >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 June 2017

* Has This Stealth Company Solved Vision-quality Vr? >>
* Kepler has spotted over 200 new planet candidates and TEN habitable zone >>
* Israeli gigapixel camera on drones with 30 hours of endurance provide persistant surveillance of 80 square kilometers >>

* Voliro Hexcopter Uses Rotating Nacelles to Perform Versatile Acrobatics >>
* Three-quarters of the planet could face deadly heatwaves by 2100 >>
* Power-Generating Paint Offers an Unlimited, Clean Fuel Source >>

* Engineers Build Bendy Batteries for Wearables >>
* The Xbox One X will make games look better even on non-4K TVs >>
* Blood test uses nanotechnology to predict aggressive prostate cancer accurately >>

* ‘Star Trek Discovery’ explores new frontiers on September 24th >>
* 3D printing pen is on sale today >>
* In the AI Age, “Being Smart” Will Mean Something Completely Different >>

* Dubai’s self-flying taxis are primed for takeoff later this year >>
* A Clever Ai-powered Robot Learns To Get A Grip >>
* Netflix tests pre-roll video ‘previews’ that are personalized to your interests >>

* Seaweed could be the key to long-lasting electric car batteries >>
* This startup wants to build VR headsets with ‘human eye-resolution’ >>
* The White House Tech Summit Tackles A Sprawling Agenda >>

* Why you SHOULDN’T save fun actitivites until you finish work >>
* Make your smart home smarter with this Samsung hub – 30% off right now >>

* Cells that make blood vessels can also make tumors and enable their spread >>
* Human heart tissue grown from stem cells improves drug testing >>
* Radiation therapy, macrophages improve efficacy of nanoparticle-delivered cancer therapy >>

* 2022 will see intelligence at edge of the Internet of Things, voice as the dominant user interface and advances in DNA and microbiome apps >>
* DARPA Funds Development of New Type of Processor Worlds 1st Non-Von-Neumann >>
* Intel’s Passenger Economy: What’s the Point? >>

* ARM Cores Target AI-powered Future >>
* World’s First Clinical Trial of 3D Printed Bionic Hands for Children >>
* Robot uses deep learning and big data to write and play its own music >>

* Vertical solar farms, the next perpetual motion machine >>
* Learning with light: New system allows optical ‘deep learning’ >>
* Utopia scorned: The 21st Century Dark Age >>

* Artificial intelligence predicts patient lifespans >>
* Using Brainwaves to Guess Passwords >>
* Power Causes Brain Damage >>

* “Milky Way Galaxy is Dominated By Two Types of Alien Worlds” –Rocky Earth-Like Planets and Gas-Enshrouded Mini-Neptunes >>
* French Startup Raises $1.9 Million for Smallsat Electric Propulsion >>
* Super-Earths 10 Times More Massive than Earth –“Magnetic Fields Could Allow Them to Harbor Life” >>

* Varjo Promises Human-Eye Resolutions For VR This Year >>
* What VR Startups Can Learn From Industry Giants Like Pixar, Lucasfilm and ILM >>
* Google’s Tensor2Tensor makes it easier to conduct deep learning experiments >>

* A ton of new games were unveiled last week — here are the 10 biggest ones >>
* People are going nuts over this new ‘Star Wars’ game — here’s what we know >>
* The bizarre story of how Amazon’s deal for Whole Foods went down >>

* Tech CEOs meet with Trump on government overhaul >>

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