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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 June 2017

* Smart jacket and VR headset let you pilot a drone with your body >>
* AI software accurately spots if someone is lying online by studying their mouse movements >>
* Pig brain cells implanted into brains of people with Parkinson’s >>

* Seagate, Grab Games look to unlock your data with VR and augmented reality >>
* New frontier in cancer care: Turning blood into living drugs >>

* Human Brain Discovered to Operate in 11 Dimensions –“Multiverse-Like Structures a World We Never Imagined” >>
* Vast “Ocean” of Water Detected at Nearby Galaxy’s Core –30 Trillion Times Earth’s Oceans >>
* Hands-on With IMAX VR in New York >>

* Even a stack of 11 servers couldn’t ace China’s super tough college entrance exam >>
* Intel Core i9: Everything we know about Intel’s hypercharged PC processor >>
* A noninvasive method for deep-brain stimulation for brain disorders >>

* China’s Floating Solar Farm “Underscores It’s Ambition to Lead World in Clean Energy” >>
* Watch a NASA Rocket Create Colorful Artificial Clouds Over US East Coast Tonight! >>
* 16 Million Reasons To Be Optimistic About Polio >>

* China developing new strategic nuclear bomber >>
* Single-Layer 2D Magnets Are Here >>
* Machine learning leverage sensors to give robots an effective sense of touch >>

* Gasoline powered Drones that can stay aloft for five days >>
* Microsoft and Purdue work on scalable topological quantum computer >>

* Practical flying air taxi using current tech and twice as safe as driving >>
* Apple is making moves to take over the digital healthcare industry >>

* Lockheed will build and fly SR-72 mach 6 prototype in the early 2020s >>
* A bird’s song might be in her genes >>
* This new ramjet engine could triple the range of Chinese missiles >>

* Inflect makes buying internet infrastructure easier >>
* Here is a fun tech chart while the market falls over >>
* Artificial Intelligence Can Now Predict Suicide With Remarkable Accuracy >>

* Using machine learning to help people make smart decisions about solar energy >>
* Scientists have just created the thinnest magnet ever >>
* Lyft teams up with Jaguar to test autonomous cars >>

* Turn Any Helmet Into a Smart Helmet With Ahead >>
* Trappist-1 planets may have formed from chunks of melting ice >>
* The maker of Silicon Valley’s iconic desk chair wants to track when you’re at your desk >>

* Scientists find mysterious shapes and structures in the brain with up to ELEVEN dimensions that could shed light on how memories form >>
* Gut fungus could hold key to better biofuel >>
* Could your car predict if you’re about to have a heart attack? Toyota reveals it is developing cardiac sensors which may be inserted in seat belts and help bring vehicles to a safe stop >>

* These 25 Billion Galaxies Are Definitely Living In A Simulation >>
* Researchers Have Found a Way To Root Out Identity Thieves By Analyzing Their Mouse Movements With AI >>
* Malware discovered that could threaten electrical grid >>

* Electronic Entertainment Expo: The games and trailers you missed >>
* Hawaiian pizza inventor Sam Panopoulos dies aged 83 >>
* The US Navy could be bigger, stronger, and more lethal in just 5 years >>

* The 19 best sci-fi TV shows of all time, according to critics >>
* Apple is making moves to take over the digital healthcare industry >>

* Watch Microsoft’s Xbox One X event in 10 minutes >>
* Watch EA’s E3 2017 press conference in 8 minutes >>
* E3 2017: Here’s what you missed from video game showcase >>
* E3 2017: More of your video games are becoming services >>
* Ubisoft’s E3 2017 press conference: start time, live stream, and schedule >>
* Microsoft just did something with Xbox that Sony won’t do with PlayStation >>

* ‘Forza Motorsport 7’ makes the jump to 4K on Xbox One X >>
* Watch Darth Maul obliterate droids in 14 minutes of Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer >>
* PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is coming as a console launch exclusive on Xbox One >>
* Minecraft is getting ‘Super Duper’ 4K graphics and cross-system servers >>
* Metro Exodus is proof we’ll never get tired of the bleak underground future >>
* Watch the Xbox Scorpio unveiling here >>
* Microsoft will unify most ‘Minecraft’ platforms this summer >>
* There’s a new ‘Super Mario’ game with a goofy twist >>

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