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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 June 2017

* Crispr May Cure All Genetic Disease—One Day >>
* Satellites are critical for IoT sector to reach its full potential >>
* Microsoft Announces Scorpio Is Now Xbox One X,cost $499, Releasing Nov. 7 >>

* What Lies Beyond? –Physicists “Observe Something Beyond the Standard Model” >>
* New Math Untangles The Mysterious Nature Of Causality >>
* A New Theory of How the Moon Formed >>

* Elon Musk says all Superchargers will run on solar and battery power >>
* Membraneless flow battery could allow electric car refueling by replacing electrolyzer >>
* Banking with your personal assistant could be here soon >>

* The Early Age of Hypersonic Weapons >>
* Robotics are helping paralysed people walk again, but the price tag is huge >>
* Ask Slashdot: What Types of Jobs Are Opening Up In the New Field of AI? >>

* MIT’s Color-Changing Tattoos Are Perfect for Diabetics >>
* Microsoft’s Project Scorpio could cost $499 >>
* What Happens in Your Brain When You Learn a Song >>

* A Jetboarder Flips A Capsized Catamaran Back Up Like There’s Nothing To It >>
* ‘Artificial tongue’ can tell fine whiskey from hooch >>
* Google’s AI Eye Doctor Gets Ready to Go to Work in India >>

* Humans may be able to regrow skin after severe burns >>
* Future of Sex; Bryony Cole talks the future of funbots and New York’s first sextech hackathon >>
* Elon Musk Says SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Might Fly in September >>

* Supercomputer simulates the entire universe using two TRILLION digital particles in largest virtual map yet >>
* Earth-i Plans Constellation to Provide High-Definition Video Imagery in Color >>

* SES Says It Could Build the World’s Most Powerful Satellite, but Won’t >>
* Digital Imaging and AI Mean Fewer Surgeries for Breast Cancer Patients >>

* Developer Accidentally Deletes Production Database On Their First Day On The Job >>
* Ask Slashdot: How Can Programmers Move Into AI Jobs? >>
* After the Big Bang –“Is Inflation the Greatest Mystery of Cosmology?” >>

* Jurvetson has a vision of AI everywhere and other VC see DNA and microbiome breakthroughs >>
* Researchers decipher how faces are encoded in the brain >>
* DARPA making progress to reducing power usage in IOT sensors by 1000 times >>

* Europe eyeing direct access to cloud services for police data requests >>
* Tor Browser 7.0 works harder to protect your anonymity on its own >>
* Conflict-of-Interest Rules Are Holding Back Medical Breakthroughs >>

* Windows 10 preview shows big changes are coming >>
* Logitech Brio 4K Pro review >>
* Teaching teams of drones to work alongside humans and nature >>

* Do Creative People Really See the World Differently? >>
* Seeing The Invisible With A Graphene-CMOS Integrated Device >>
* SpaceX Releases Ultra-HD 4K Footage Of Falcon 9 Landing >>

* TV’s original Batman Adam West has died >>
* Nanophotonic circuits would be 1 million times faster than current electrical circuits >>
* If China matches US GDP growth from 1976 to 2015 then it catches up on per capita GDP >>

* Happy Birthday Camera Phone! Your Papa Is Very Proud of You >>
* World population 7.5 billion now and 10 billion in 2050 >>
* Meet Binky, the anti-social media simulator >>

* How Do Scientists ‘Weigh’ Stars? >>
* What Made This Mysterious Pit On Mars? Impact Crater Or Natural Collapse? >>
* The Orion Constellation in 450,000 Years: How Will It Look? >>

* Construction Tips From A Type 2 Engineer: Collaboration With Isaac Arthur >>
* CogX London 2017 >>
* Video Friday: Extra Robot Arms, Anti-Drone Drone, and Adorable TurtleBots >>

* SureFly, a New Air Taxi That Runs On Electricity—and Gasoline >>
* Softbank buys Boston Dynamics a leading robotics company >>
* Elon Musk tweets that Falcon Heavy Should launch in Four Months >>

* Electron magnetic moments may achieve 100 times more computer memory storage >>
* SoftBank Acquires Boston Dynamics and Schaft >>
* Blimps Seem Like the Friendliest Kind of Indoor Flying Robots >>

* IKEA engineers are pretending to live on Mars to help them design better furniture >>
* WWDC 2017: A Tale Of Apple Past And Apple Future >>
* Scientists want to know if your parents’ divorce is making you sick >>

* Has the 40-year Old Mystery of the ‘Wow!’ Signal Been Solved? >>
* How augmented reality could save tech from itself >>
* Tim Cook: Technology Should Serve Humanity, Not the Other Way Around >>

* Technologists in the era of Trump >>
* How Google Copes When Even It Can’t Afford Enough Gear >>
* Gillmor Gang: Emotional Healing >>

* The Beauty of “Mini Brains” >>
* InMotion concept vehicle reveals how cars of the future will have ‘self-driving rooms’ that adapt to each passenger’s needs >>
* Brain ‘tunes in’ to rhythm in sign language and speech >>

* NASA reveals the shoebox sized DIY projects it will launch on historic first Orion mission >>
* The virtual reality ‘polygraph for pedophiles’ being used to assess sex offenders >>
* Microsoft Aims For A VR Sweet Spot In 2018 >>

* Star Wars Battlefront 2 official gameplay trailer >>
* Can virtual reality find an audience at the multiplex? >>
* Here are all original shows coming to Netflix in 2017, release dates >>

* Will VR Ever Be Mass Entertainment? >>
* Will electricity be free by 2035? >>

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