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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 June 2017

* MIT’s $10,000 robotic furniture is making its way to small homes >>
* DARPA wants to give you a glimpse inside the AI brain >>
* Robot Cars Can’t Count on Us in an Emergency >>

* Amazon Imagines a Future of Infinite Computing Power >>
* How Google Copes When Even It Can’t Afford Enough Gear >>
* Someone created conductive paint that can run electricity in your home >>

* Our species may be 150,000 years older than we thought >>
* At $75,560, Housing a Prisoner in California Now Costs More Than a Year at Harvard >>
* Want to Understand Creativity? Enlist an AI Collaborator >>

* Robot dog has an artificial woof that sounds like the real thing >>
* Google blocker to eliminate bad ads and let users go ad-free >>
* Brain Scans May Forecast Autism in Babies >>

* Scientists prove 100-year-old theory by WEIGHING a distant star using gravity >>
* Autonomous cars with no human backup could hit public roads next year >>
* Google’s drone delivery project just shared some big news about its future >>
* NASA adds 12 new astronauts to its active flight corps >>

* 33 blood-cancer patients have dramatic clinical remission with new T-cell therapy >>
* Stem cells may be the key to staying strong in old age >>
* Cancer cells send signals boosting survival and drug resistance in other cancer cells >>

* Hubble Zooms in On Alien Atmospheres –“Something is Changing the Way These Planets Look” >>
* NASA’s NEOWISE Spacecraft Discovers 28 Previously Unknown Near Earth Objects >>
* AI Detects Autism in Infants (Again) >>

* Researchers Devise Nobel Approach to Faster Fibers >>
* Lockheed confident of being able to build a 4600 mph spyplane drone in 2018 >>
* China completing construction of military bases in South China Sea >>

* Tesla plans 10-20 gigafactories which would eventually be about 12 to 24 million vehicles per year >>
* Weekend Workshop: Intro to AR Development >>

* A Rocket-Propelled Miniature Robot for Planetary Exploration >>
* Watch live as NASA announces its newest class of astronauts >>
* Scientists say super attractive people may have a harder time holding down a relationship >>

* Nightingale Review: This sleep aid creates virtual a blanket of white noise >>
* China just flew a 130-foot, solar-powered drone designed to stay in the air for months >>
* Scientists have a fascinating new way to determine the age of skeletal remains >>

* US Route 33 to test V2I tech >>
* How to be smarter than smart tech >>
* IBM launches Science for Social Good to tackle the world’s biggest problems >>

* Apple’s AR strength is making it available to everyone >>
* Humans can help AI learn games more quickly >>
* First Quantum-Secured Blockchain Technology Tested in Moscow >>

* The Silicon Valley Billionaires Remaking America’s Schools >>
* Cancer Risk For A Human Mars Mission Just Got A Lot Worse >>

* MIT Students Design Mission to Huge Asteroid Apophis >>
* Milky Way Exists in the Largest Known Void in the Universe — “1 Billion Light Years” >>
* SpaceX Will Launch Next Secret X-37B Mission for US Air Force >>

* We Finally Know Why The Boomerang Nebula Is Colder Than Space Itself >>
* Maybe The Aliens Aren’t Hiding, They’re Sleeping, Waiting For The Universe To Get Better >>
* Self-Replicating 3D Printers Could Build Moon Bases, Fight Global Warming >>

* Here’s our first look at Windows’ new adaptive interface >>
* Google’s Project Wing team takes a key step towards making drone delivery real >>
* As the Surface line courts creatives, Apple pushes back with the iMac and iPad Pro >>

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