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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 June 2017

* Researchers create hydrogen fuel with artificial photosynthesis >>
* Want to Know Who is Doing What When You’re Not Home? Ask Lighthouse >>
* Novel All Carbon Transistor developed >>

* Claimed antiaging benefits of blood transfusion from teenagers to those over 35 >>
* Monitor your child’s wellbeing with this cute wearable >>
* Apple’s HomePod sounds great: first look >>

* A Cheaper, Easier Resistance Standard on a Chip >>
* Robot Uses Evil Alter Ego to Learn Reliable Grasping >>
* NASA found a giant pit on Mars, and scientists can’t explain it >>

* A live dragonfly was genetically engineered into a tiny insect drone >>
* On psychological tests comparing 66 terrorists with controls one key difference stood out >>
* Elon Musk claims AI will be able to beat humans at EVERYTHING by 2030 >>

* Testing Mattresses with Warren Buffett >>
* Solar-powered cooker will cook your meals in 10 minutes >>
* Atari-Playing AI Learns From Your Mistakes >>

* AI researchers predict when AI will beat humans >>
* How to design and build your own robot >>
* SENS Antiaging research status today >>

* Hyperloop One reveals its plans for connecting Europe >>
* Robots’ role in humanity to be a core topic at TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics >>
* What are machine learning engineers? >>

* Career site Workey raises $8M to replace headhunters with artificial intelligence >>
* Watch Apple’s WWDC 2017 keynote in 15 minutes >>
* General relativity passes test at Milky Way’s central black hole >>

* After bomb threat ‘hoax,’ universities face concerns about network security >>
* iOS 11 isn’t coming to the iPhone 5 >>
* Take a look at these first pictures of Fisker’s $130K EMotion electric car >>

* Apple’s 2TB iCloud plan will only cost you $10 a month >>
* My takeaways from Google’s certification training >>
* VR is in Apple’s future, but AR is the logical short term play >>

* Spacex relaunches Dragon capsule and successfully lands rocket stage >>
* Daydream Labs: Locomotion in VR >>
* Blaming the Internet For Terrorism Misses The Point >>

* New way to convert stem cells leaves no extra DNA >>
* After Trump’s Withdrawal from Paris, Nukes Are More Crucial Than Ever >>
* Healthy stem cells may keep aging muscles young >>

* Remarkable medical breakthroughs that show we’re finally winning the war against cancer >>
* The pacemaker that doesn’t need a battery >>
* A self-made billionaire says most people make the same mistake evaluating risk in business >>

* US sends third aircraft carrier to the Pacific as massive armada looms near North Korea >>
* The $14 million McLaren F1 supercar is now 25 years old >>
* Researchers discover new ‘GPS’ neuron >>

* Apple’s new anti-tracking system will make Google and Facebook even more powerful >>
* NASA needs to develop new Mars missions now to prevent stall in exploration, organization argues >>
* Breaking down Apple’s new augmented reality platform >>

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