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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 31 May 2017

* Pentagon successfully shoots down mock nuclear warhead >>
* Boom in human gene editing as 20 CRISPR trials gear up >>
* Amazon’s share price tops $1,000 for the first time >>

* Experts reveal three genetic mutations that can give you extraordinary abilities >>
* Removing 1 protein may slow cancer cell growth >>
* Artificial Intelligence Helps in Learning How Children Learn >>

* CRISPR causes many unwanted mutations, small study suggests >>
* Using the Sun as a Cosmic Telescope >>
* Meet the Laundroid: $16,000 laundry folding robot can respond to its owner’s voice >>

* Newly-evolved microbes may be breaking down the plastics polluting our oceans >>
* Gene tweak in gut bacteria could turn faeces blue if you’re ill >>
* Satellites capable of tracking CARS from space will capture high-resolution video of Earth >>

* Startup Uses AI To Create Programs From Simple Screenshots >>
* Kids of tomorrow are going to have a very different arcade experience >>
* Intel claims 8th-gen chips will be 30 percent faster than 7th-gen >>

* A connected electrode could end the shame of sweaty palms >>
* Step inside McLaren’s ultramodern, robot-free supercar factory >>
* Intel reveals its new 18-core, 36-thread “extreme” Core i9 processor at Computex >>

* The Father of Android Is Back, and He’s Built the Anti-iPhone >>
* Get Ready for Skyscrapers Made of Wood. (Yes, Wood) >>
* NASA Testing Inflatable Habitat’s Radiation Levels >>

* Navy wants to recruit you — with Virtual Reality >>
* US government is eyeing technology to 3D-photograph people through walls using Wi-Fi >>

* How Machine Learning Is Helping Us Predict Heart Disease and Diabetes >>
* We’re looking for robotics companies to demo at TechCrunch Sessions Robotics >>
* Watch Kitty Hawk’s early test pilots learn to love the flying motorbike >>

* Scientists take a big step toward creating custom organisms >>
* NVIDIA aims to build better robots with the Isaac Initiative >>
* See how a self-driving car views the world >>

* NASA is testing solar panels that unfurl like Fruit Roll-Ups in space >>
* This tiny frog has transparent skin to show its organs off to the world >>
* All the Latest, Most Exciting Robotics Research From ICRA 2017 >>

* AI Designers Find Inspiration in Rat Brains >>
* Vagus Nerve Stimulation Succeeds in Long-Term Stroke Recovery Trial >>
* Soft Robotic Structures Fold Themselves Up in Hot Water >>

* Juno Is Ready To Tell Us What It Found At Jupiter >>
* NASA Announcement on 1st Mission to ‘Touch the Sun’ Expected Wednesday >>
* Comments on Near-Term Interstellar Probes >>

* How Ice Age Europeans travelled thousands of miles in their lifetime >>
* Intel’s Core i9 Extreme Edition CPU is an 18-core beast >>
* As Computer Coding Classes Swell, So Does Cheating >>

* The app that lets you ‘talk’ to a loved one after they die by creating a realistic avatar of them using a single selfie >>
* Today US will test whether it can stop a nuclear missile attack >>

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