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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 May 2017

* Solar-powered futuristic grill cooks your food in half the time >>
* ARM’s new mobile processors are built for AI on the go >>
* Differential Lidar Catches “Fugitive” Methane on the Fly >>

* Newborn baby’s incredible first steps just minutes after leaving the womb >>
* ‘Missing DNA’ could hold clue to why some get breast cancer young >>
* Elon Musk: Automation Will Force Universal Basic Income >>

* ‘Anti AI AI’ earpiece warning you if a machine is impersonating a human >>
* Apple Co-founder Thinks Apple Is Now Too Big To Come Up With Next Big Thing >>
* Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak predicts TESLA to create next ‘Next Big Thing’ in tech >>

* FDA Assembles Team to Oversee AI Revolution in Health >>
* TARS Heads-Up Display Brings Augmented Reality to the Battlefield >>
* British Airways CEO Won’t Resign, Says Outsourcing Not To Blame For IT Failure >>

* Pacemakers are far more vulnerable to hacking than we thought >>
* Walt Mossberg’s Last Column Calls For Privacy and Security Laws >>
* Silicon-laced diamonds could lead to practical quantum computers >>

* Silicon Valley Continues To Explore Universal Basic Incomes >>
* Neuromorphic Chips Are Destined for Deep Learning—or Obscurity >>
* Dell’s new 8K display is pretty amazing, but do you need it? >>

* The ‘turbocharged’ tests for self driving cars than can cram the equivalent 100 million miles of real world driving into just 1,000 >>
* Best HIV test ever? Scientists develop a way to detect ‘hidden’ traces of the virus – bringing us closer to a cure >>
* ASUS’ Tango-powered ZenFone AR will hit the US in July >>

* Robot priest grants auto-blessings in Germany >>
* The incredible selfie AI that can turn you into a talking bronze statue or copy any painter’s syle >>
* The interactive fidget spinner you can use on your computer and phone >>

* Cities should reduce the impact of global warming by painting building roofs WHITE, study claims >>
* NASA to announce new details on mission to ‘touch the sun’ >>
* Google co-founder to build $100M+ blimp: Report >>

* “Apeman to Spaceman” –‘Changes in Earth’s Orbit and Climate Made Us Intelligent’ >>
* Small Business: Virtual reality revamping real estate – Apartmint >>
* Alpha Go defeats world’s top Go player. What’s next? >>

* Shaking the Dinosaur Family Tree >>
* Cutting H-1B Visas Endangers Scientific Progress For Everyone >>
* Conch shells hold the secret to impact-resistant armor >>

* New cellular target may put the brakes on cancer’s ability to spread >>
* Apple ‘Neural Engine’ chip could power AI on iPhones >>
* Curious Kids: What Plants Could Grow in the Goldilocks Zone of Space? >>

* BIKI Robot Fish Paddles Past Crowdfunding Goal >>
* Japanese family life is falling apart — and the reasons why go back to World War II >>
* Chemists reveal amyloid structure >>

* Is China Outsmarting America in AI? >>
* A 10-foot great white shark jumped right into a fisherman’s boat in Australia >>
* U.S. Dominates World’s VR Market as Chinese Consumers Yawn >>

* ARM’s new processors are designed to power the machine-learning machines >>
* Apple can make the iPhone easier to use with a simple fix in iOS 11 >>

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