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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 26 May 2017

* AmazonFresh opens its grocery Pickup locations in Seattle >>
* Samsung shows off stretchable screen, and it’s both awesome and weird >>
* Scientists are using gene editing to try to slow cancer growth >>

* Oculus software now fully supports three-sensor roomscale tracking >>
* Augmented reality might be a nifty way for flight attendants to remember you >>
* Google’s AlphaGo AI wins against Go world champion again >>

* For creating jobs, spending on schools beats military >>
* A Robot Cop Is Now Patrolling the Streets of Dubai >>
* Machine learning is a moonshot for us all >>

* DARPA orders spaceplane capable of ten launches in ten days >>
* See-through frog has heart you can see beating through its chest >>
* Waltzing robot teaches beginners how to dance like a pro >>

* Jupiter’s Super-Weird Atmosphere Is Astonishing Scientists >>
* Instagram adds new features to direct messages >>
* Robots are still laughably awful at playing soccer >>

* Cord-Cutters Are Ditching Their Cable Packages At the Fastest Rate Ever >>
* Watch SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy booster static test fire >>
* Rocket Lab launches orbital-class rocket from a private site for the first time >>

* Study Finds Magic Mushrooms Are the Safest Recreational Drug >>
* This ultra-twee soft robotic gripper was inspired by Venus flytraps >>
* Poachers are using data from wildlife scientists to target and kill rare species >>

* Baby marmosets learn to ‘speak’ just like humans through call and response training from their parents >>
* Humans Are Not the Only Creatures Who Mourn >>
* Learning to read and write rewires adult brain in six months >>

* Isro’s unmet targets puts India on a long transponder trek; at least 200 more needed >>
* NASA Reveals ‘Stunning’ Jupiter Juno-Mission Science Discoveries –“Swirling Polar Storms the Size of Mars” >>
* New Way To Make Plasma Propulsion Lighter And More Efficient >>

* 2 Us Astronauts Conduct Unplanned, Rapidly Executed Contingency Space Walk On Space Station >>
* Neil armstrong moon bag up for sale >>
* How Google’s ‘smart reply’ is getting smarter >>

* Honest Trailers Celebrates Its 200th Video And A Vision For Its Future >>
* Balcony Desk Will Have You Working From Home! >>
* The DJI Spark drone might actually be simple enough for the average person >>

* 11 ‘Star Wars’ gadgets that seemed cool in ’77, but we’re way beyond now >>
* Researchers tracked how microbes spread in a newly opened hospital >>
* Judah Vs. The Machines >>

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