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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 May 2017

* NASA Reveals a Huge Man-Man Bubble Surrounding Earth >>
* We Might Have A New Way To Push Back Space Radiation >>
* Can we just build a giant blimp to clean polluted air? >>

* Facebook, Messenger and Instagram unite with cross-app notifications >>
* Researchers discover first human antibodies that work against all ebolaviruses >>

* Google I/O 2017 – All Sessions >>
* Watch Google’s I/O 2017 VR keynote right here >>
* Google Chrome is getting a full-on VR browser for Daydream >>

* Mount St Helens is RECHARGING >>
* Meet Edit: World’s first modular self-driving car can be customised to suit your style >>
* More Americans Are Marrying People of Other Races Than Ever Before >>

* AI-Powered Software Makes It Incredibly Easy to Colorize Black and White Photos >>
* The First Trailer For Star Trek: Discovery Is Here To Boldly Go To Beautiful New Worlds >>
* Google Lens resurfaces questions about AI and human identity >>

* Google Wants to Be Everywhere With Everyone >>
* For Google, AI is the best reason to suck up all your data >>
* Google brings 45 teraflops tensor flow processors to its compute cloud >>

* US Military Is Close to Selecting Builder for XS-1 Space Plane >>
* Google rolls out new ‘smart reply’ machine-learning email software to more than 1 billion Gmail mobile users >>
* Android Now Supports the Kotlin Programming Language >>

* Artificial Photosynthesis Moves on From Water Splitting to CO2 Reduction >>
* ETH Zurich’s Omnicopter Plays Fetch >>
* ISIS video shows off “new” weapons based on old tech >>

* Hubble Reveals a Moon Orbiting a Dwarf Planet in Frigid Outskirts of Our Solar System >>
* Detecting Photosynthesis on Exoplanets >>
* Here’s how Google is preparing Android for the AI-laden future >>

* CERN Accelerates LHC’s Search for Supersymmetry >>
* Light from Supernova Remnant Simeis 147 Reached Earth 40,000 Years Ago –During the Stone Age >>
* Facebook Messenger is getting a new look >>

* Fujitsu Liquid Immersion Not All Hot Air When It Comes to Cooling Data Centers >>
* Scientists tracked chickens and found they have their own daily routines, just like us >>
* These massive balloons traveling at the edge of space could revolutionize disaster relief >>

* Families Will Spend More Than a Third of Summer Staring At Screens >>
* Microsoft will soon open its first two data centers in Africa >>
* Fly the TARDIS in this VR Mobile Game >>

* Google’s Seurat for mobile VR means you can finally truly step into Star Wars >>
* YouTube VR adds shared rooms and live voice chat >>
* Humans Accidentally Made a Space Cocoon For Ourselves Out of Radio Waves >>

* Scientists Discover Possible First Proof of Parallel Universes >>
* 3D-printed ovaries successfully produce healthy mice pups >>
* How AI is used to infer human emotion >>

* Siri vs. Google Assistant on the iPhone: here’s who’s talking >>
* Making AI work for everyone >>

* Researchers find the struggle to cope is linked to unusual enlargement in decision-making region >>
* Monkeys Have a Specialized Brain Network for Sizing Up Others’ Actions >>
* What an Apple-Picking Robot Means for the Future of Farm Workers >>

* Human Genome Editing: Who Gets to Decide? >>
* Scientists reveal world’s thinnest ‘floating’ images that are 1,000 times narrower than a human hair >>

* But how does it stay up? Amazing new spokeless Ferris Wheel opens in China >>
* It Took the Bicycle 200 Years to Find Its Way in the World >>
* Hands-On With Google’s Inside-Out WorldSense Tracking >>

* The state of the car computer >>
* Hear Me Out: Let’s Elect an AI as President >>
* Rigiet is a smartphone stabilizer that could make you an Instagram star >>

* Google wants the Assistant to be everywhere — but first it needs to conquer the iPhone >>
* Google isn’t building the ultimate VR headset. It’s setting the foundation for one >>

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  1. Susy
    May 19, 2017 at 4:18 am

    Hi Tristan: some more info about radiation after last night. Thank you!

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