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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 May 2017

* Here’s all the new stuff Google announced at its I/O 2017 conference >>
* Google I/O 2017 Keynote live blog >>

* All the Cool New Stuff Google Home Can Do >>
* Google unveils VR headsets that don’t need smartphones >>
* Google Home just added a laundry list of new features >>

* Google launches Android O in beta with Google Play Protect and helpful interface tweaks >>
* Android powers 2 billion devices around the world >>

* Google’s TensorFlow Lite brings machine learning to Android devices >>
* Android’s built-in AI knows what you need to copy and paste >>
* Google is building AR and VR that knows where you are >>

* Google’s Project Tango finds a new home in the classroom >>
* Google’s Plan to Make Assistant Actually Useful >>

* Android Go is a lightweight version of Android for crazy cheap phones >>
* Android O focuses on reducing boot time and battery drain >>

* Google Home gains Bluetooth connectivity to play audio from any device >>
* Google’s voice-controlled AI Assistant comes to the iPhone >>
* Google launched a massive open AI division >>

* The Gmail app is about to get a lot smarter >>
* Google Lens Turns Your Camera Into a Search Box >>
* This new Google home feature will change the way you cook >>

* Human blood stem cells grown in the lab for the first time >>
* This voice-controlled robot vacuum is its lowest price ever right now >>

* AMD’s 16-core ‘Threadripper’ CPU is built for ultra-high-end PCs >>
* Chelsea Manning Free After Seven Years in Military Prison >>
* OpenAI’s new system lets you train robots entirely in VR >>

* Are Vitamin Supplements Killing Our Gut Bacteria? >>
* A Breakthrough in Flexible Electronics Could Turn Your T-Shirts Into Amazing Speakers >>
* The First Picture From Star Trek: Discovery Explores Strange New Worlds >>

* New Bioprinter Makes It Easier to Fabricate 3D Flesh and Bone >>
* New Report Highlights Dangers of Hacked Factory Robots >>

* What Henry Ford understood about wages >>
* Galaxy Group Hickson 90 >>
* Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop 2017 >>
* xkcd; Machine Learning >>

* Space Tech Expo USA 2017 >>
* Elastic Hologram Can Switch Images When Stretched >>
* Mysterious Flashes Coming From Earth That Puzzled Carl Sagan Finally Have An Explanation >>

* New Explanation For Dark Energy? Tiny Fluctuations Of Time And Space >>
* A Galaxy’s Fate –“Is Encoded in its Electromagnetic Spectrum” >>
* “Year One Million” –Homo Sapiens 2.0 The New National Geographic TV Series >>

* Tyrannosaurus rex had a bone-crushing bite with a force of 8,000 pounds >>
* What would happen if Earth started to spin faster? >>
* If that asteroid had been 30 seconds late, dinosaurs might rule the world and humans probably wouldn’t exist >>

* Virtual Futures | Surrender to Surveillance >>
* How Airbus Dreamed Up the Wild Design for Its Flying Car >>
* Adorable Carbon Fiber Rocket Is Finally Ready to Launch >>

* Elon Musk’s tunnel-boring company gets an FAQ >>
* YouTube TV Just Added 7 New Networks >>
* The Tech Sector Is Leaving the Rest of the US Economy In Its Dust >>

* Cell spheres could personalize lung treatment >>
* Brain stent to let five paralysed people control exoskeleton >>
* Car dealers are using gigantic vending machines that dispense real vehicles >>

* Light sensor in fly eye offers clues to circadian rhythm >>
* Scientists test brazen new plan to save Swiss glaciers from global warming >>

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